SimAir GLOOBOOTH Spray Booth

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 Protect your safety while using spray paint with this portable device that removes all harmful fumes. 
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 A4 ABS Polymer Gloobooth #FPA4 A4: $999.99
 A3 ABS Polymer Gloobooth #FPA3: $1,299.99
 A2 ABS Polymer Gloobooth #FPA2: $2,299.99
 A1 STEEL Gloobooth #FGBA1: $5,299.99

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 Yes, Include 1 #FGBA2DC Ducting Kit for models A4, A3 or A2: addl(+$199.99)
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 Yes, add 1 Replacement Intake filter #FPA2/IF & 1 Replacement Charcoal filter #FPA2/CF: addl(+$189.99)

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 Yes, add 1 Replacement Hood #FPA2/H: addl(+$89.99)

Product Description:

If you enjoy working with spray paint and other mediums that give off unhealthy and unbearable fumes, then you need the SimAir GLOOBOOTH Spray Booth. This portable booth is designed to capture all of the harmful fumes. With this device, you can protect your safety and health. There is no other product on the market that works this way since the fumes are drawn right into the filters of the product. Whether you are a professional artist or someone who simply enjoys the hobby, this machine should definitely be on your list.

The product is available in four different sizes to suit all of your needs. You should choose a size that will allow you to be creative in the manner you desire. The sizes are as follows:

    EXTERNAL 13"-width, 15.5"-depth, 15"-max height, 14"-min height
    INTERNAL 10"-width, 12.75"-depth, 11.5"-max height, 7.5"-min height
    EXTERNAL 21"-width, 21"-depth, 20"-max height, 15"-min height
    INTERNAL 18"-width, 18"-depth, 14"-max height, 9"-min height
    EXTERNAL 30"-width, 21.5"-depth, 22"-max height, 19.5"-min height
    INTERNAL 25.5"-width, 18"-depth, 16"-max height, 10"-min height
    EXTERNAL 42.25"-width, 32"-depth, 25.5"-max height, 17"-min height
    INTERNAL 38"-width, 26"-depth 15.5"-max height, 7"-min height

In order for this Spray Booth to remain operational, you must replace the air filters as well as the charcoal filters. Keeping these fresh will allow the device to work more efficiently. The air filters must be changed more often based on use of the machine. When you notice that it is not working as efficiently, that is a sig that the filters should be replaced. As a rule of thumb, the charcoal filters should be changed approximately every six months. If the product is used more frequently, however, this time frame may be reduced. 

When working with spray paints, it is very important to monitor your health and safety as the fumes can be very toxic. That is where this spray booth comes in to play. This purchase will allow you to be more creative and also ensure that you are protected. 

Oversize Shipping: $278.00
The shipment is in 2 cartons:
51 lbs - 17 x 36 x 48"
3 lbs - 30 x 21 x 3"

Customer Reviews

Simair Gloo-booths and Unibooths are designed to protect the health and safety of the user by minimising the inhalation of dangerous fumes, and explosion or fire risk in recognition of the flammable nature of many of the solvents used in spray application. To guard against overheating and electrical sparking, the fan motors are thermally protected and UL approved. The machines have been designed to meet the requirements of EN60950 Low Voltage Directive.

During operation, typical air flow rates within the Gloo booth has been measured at 370m3/hr. Assuming the maximum hazard, i.e., the lower explosion limit of 1.9% for Butane, in order to reach this limit under operating conditions at least 150 spray cans would need to be discharged simultaneously. This is not likely, and therefore no realistic flammability or explosion hazard is perceived. (Ref: Flammability Hazard Assessment report attached).

Risk assessment is vital when deciding where to site the booth and in determining what additional measures if any need to be taken to stay within OSHA PELs’. As to what those measures are, that would depend on the immediate environment, the volume of use, perhaps even the number of Gloobooths sited in the same classroom. It is strongly recommended that the booth is not positioned near an area of frequent pedestrian traffic, for example near a doorway, as there is a risk this can interfere with airflow and diminish the effectiveness of the extractor fan. We would encourage installing the machine near an exterior wall and we would recommend venting the fumes away from the machine by use of an air ducting kit. Air-flow testing equipment and particulate testing would help determine the extent of the measures that need be taken.
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