A1 SPRAYAWAY Charcoal and Intake Filters

A1 SPRAYAWAY Charcoal and Intake Filters  - Click to enlarge
Charcoal and Intake REPLACEMENT Filters for the A1 Sprayaway filtration system - solve product buildup!

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Product Description:
A1 SPRAYAWAY Charcoal and Intake Filters
  • 1 A1 Sprayaway Replacement Charcoal Filter
  • 1 A1 Sprayaway Replacement Intake Filter

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The A1 Sprayaway by SIMair is a suction filtration system designed to eliminate the dangers and hassles of airbrush and other over-sprays. It features a series of suction fans that quietly pull the over-spray through charcoal filters. This not only helps to keep your work area clean, it can also reduce dangerous hydrocarbon emissions by up to 95%.

The A1 Sprayaway works with all of the most common types of airbrush materials including:
  • water based inks
  • spirit-based paint
  • cellulose-based paint
The A1 Sprayaway uses both intake and exhaust filters to absorb paint and reduce emissions. The intake filter is a multi-layer, woven filter with a series of increasingly fine layers that collects both large and small particles. The exhaust filter is a high-grade charcoal and fiber blend designed to prevent odors and gasses.

To keep the A1 Sprayaway in optimal condition, remember to change its charcoal and intake filters every 6 months or when solvent odors increase. Changing the filters is an easy process that can be done within a few minutes.

These are replacement filters. (Spray Booth sold separately.)
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