Replacement Unibooth FILTERS - 2 #UB3020/CF & 1 #UB3020/IF

Replacement Unibooth FILTERS - 2 #UB3020/CF & 1 #UB3020/IF
Ramp up the performance of your Unibooth with a new filter change. This improves the overspray capture significantly, reducing the paint applied to just what is needed for your project.
Item Code: AR-UB3020-CFx2---UB3020-IFx1

List $139.35
Sale-Price: $129.99
You Save: $9.36 (7%)

Product Description:

When it comes to airspraying paintwork, Unibooths are a great workroom tool. It provides a good capture of overspray so that the rest of the workroom doesn't get exposed, and the booth design protects the object being painted from air, dust and airborne particles that can affect the finish. To keep the booth operating properly, filters are needed to capture the overspray. This works extremely well, but the filters needs to be replaced regularly. The Replacement Unibooth FILTERS - 2 #UB3020/CF & 1 #UB3020/IF solve the problem, keep spray down to a minimum. The package comes with two charcoal filters and one intake filter, providing a full layer of spray capture in each packet.

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