Liquitex POURING MEDIUM 237ml

Liquitex POURING MEDIUM 237ml
Liquitex Pouring Medium is the medium for stretching your ideas into another creative realm. Let your imagination flow with this flexible, durable medium.
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Product Description:
Liquitex POURING MEDIUM 237ml (close to 8 oz.)
Liquitex Pouring Medium invites experimentation. When combined with acrylic paints, colors stay true and vibrant. There is no cloudiness and no bubbles. Because it is a flexible medium, there is no cracking or unusual streaks in the finished painting, just a beautiful high gloss enamel like shine. This medium has just enough volume that when poured onto a surface, it no longer is a flat painting. Combine this medium with paint in varying ratios and see what happens. There is no set proportion. Using a higher amount of medium thins your paints allowing for more sheer layers.

If painting on wood, follow accepted ways of preparing the surface (sanding, gesso application), then pour on the paint! Try taking black and white and make a beautiful subtle grey and combine with the pouring medium. Tilt a prepared piece of wood diagonally and watch as subtle marble like patterns begin to appear. Keep tilting and turning until the desired affect is achieved. It is possible to make an ordinary piece of wood look like a beautiful piece of marble.

Open up a bottle, the creative possibilities are just waiting to be explored.
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syracuse new york
February 12, 2013

The pouring medium is fantastic creates beautiful gems on surfaces!

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