DLR Purified LINSEED OIL (2.5oz. - 75ml)

DLR Purified LINSEED OIL (2.5oz. - 75ml) - Click to enlarge

Bring a painting to life with Purified Linseed Oil from Daler Rowney. The oil efficiently delays the drying process in an oil painting and creates a soft glow in the work. This allows the artist to integrate new elements in a painting without ruining the credibility of the painting's color and tone.

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Product Description:

Take advantage of a 2.5oz. bottle of Purified Linseed Oil to bring out the most alluring elements of an art piece. The oil works together with the oil paint to illuminate the work with a shiny and mesmerizing glow. Purified DLR linseed oil assists in:

  • creating a shiny glow in an oil painting
  • bringing forward colors which were weakened in the painting process
  • illuminates bright colors effectively and naturally
  • delays the overall drying process

For those finishing touches, linseed oil is also used to delay drying. The 2.5oz. bottle is the perfect amount to see what linseed oil is capable of adding to a painting.

Customer Reviews

Linseed oil is a material derived from the flax plant that can be used in a variety of ways. Particularly, it has a number of different applications for artists as well. It can be used to bind pigments together in oil paints, varnish wood finishes, as a component in putty, and much more. Linseed oil is a great aide for artists who are looking to try something new with their art to help make your oil paintings come to life.

Linseed oil can help artists take their art to the next level of quality!
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