Liquitex PALETTE WETTING SPRAY 237ml Spray Bottle

Liquitex PALETTE WETTING SPRAY 237ml Spray Bottle
If you paint, especially with acrylics, you may notice that while you are painting the paint starts to dry on your palette. You can bring that paint back to life with a quick spritz of the Liquitex PALETTE WETTING SPRAY without compromising the quality or color of your paint.
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The Liquitex PALETTE WETTING SPRAY 237ml Spray Bottle is a fluid acrylic liquid formulated to inhibit the drying of acrylic paints. It allows your palette colors to stay fresher longer, and prevents the paint on the palette from forming a ‘skin.’ This also greatly improves the blendability of your paint.  The spray can also be used to thin acrylic paint while still maintaining its integrity. This spray contains anti-microbial properties to inhibit the growth of mold. You can also use this spray to moisten brushes that have started to dry, or add it to colors to aid in the mixing process. It can also be added to older paint that has been sitting for some time to freshen it up and make it useable again.

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Palette Wetting Spray
Northeast USA
December 20, 2019

Purchased this from Madison Art about two years ago and this bottle is still going strong. A little spritz goes a long way and it works! Unlike other extender type solutions, this is sprayed directly to palette, to the paint, to the brushes without any compromise. The several different ways to apply lends itself to whichever problem you need solved, and it solves it! This never gets clumpy like others and never ever gets moldy like other types always happen. The best stuff!
Columbia, SC
August 12, 2010

Excellent product , and fast delivery.Will definately order again. Thanks

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