Protect your artwork with this acid-free fixative ideal for pencil drawings, pastels and ink drawings.
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Krylon workable fixatif prevents smudging and gives your artwork a protective finish, while allowing you to erase through the fixative to make revisions. This non-yellowing coating is acid free and will not wrinkle or discolor with age.

Krylon fixatif seals in the original beauty of artwork and prevents deterioration over time. It is suitable for artists of any level who wish to preserve their work without worries about smudging or discoloring. This product is ideal for preserving children’s artwork or preparing student work for display, but is durable enough for the professional artist.

This fixative can also be used on papercrafts, silk flowers, paper mache and ceramics, making it a valuable tool for anyone who engages in a variety of art projects.

Krylon fixatif is not recommended for watercolors or watercolor paper. It may also cause slight fading to pastel drawings.

It dries to the touch in 30 minutes and can be handled safely within one hour.

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Stamford CT
May 01, 2010

A MUST for pencil drawing!!! My wife uses this with her art and it has helped virtually eliminate smudging. She is thrilled.
Mankato, MN
October 23, 2009

I've found this product to be excellent! It took several coats (as should be expected) but my pencil drawings no longer smear! This product is a must have for your art work! Especially if you plan on keeping your work for a portfolio or if you plan to give it away and want it to last.

I've found the customer care at Madison Art Shop to be superb over other places that I have shopped. Thank you for the wonderful service and for making it evident that you care about your customers!

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