If you would like to start your art supplies with the same tools Picasso used, the Sennelier Artist Oil Pastel Luxury Wood Box Set of 120 wll help you get there.
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SENNELIER ARTIST OIL PASTEL LUXURY WOOD BOX SET OF 120 Benefiting from the experience of the masters is a great place to start any artistic endeavor, so with the Sennelier Artist Oil Pastel Luxury Wood Box Set 120, you will have a running start.  It so happens that Pablo Picasso picked the first 48 colors to be included in this set, with plenty more added in the years since, including metallics and five different shades of grey.  Now, you can enjoy using the same colors the master used, plus many more, in the same form that he wanted to use them in.  Whether you're a water-colorist, a oil painter, a sketch artist, or any other type of visual artist, you won't be able to get enough of these simple colors, with no mixing.  Oil pastels are ready to use, whatever medium you want to create with, and since they're non-toxic, anyone can use them, from adults to the youngest children.

These oil pastels are the same tools that Sennelier created for Picasso when he asked them to come up with a more user friendly version of his oils.  Further, he wanted to use his pastels on surfaces much more diverse than just canvas, whether he chose to express himself on metal, glass, paper, or anything else.  The colors are not only rich, but they can even be thinned, thickened, or blended just like oils or other types of paint.  In fact, they way they spread, blend, and can be moved, is just like paint.  It's no wonder that Picasso loved them so much.  And once you get your hands on any of the Sennelier colors, you will be just as enchanted with the way they work as he was.

Regardless of the color you choose to use, Sennelier oil pastels aren't just a crayon, they're an experience.  Every color, whether light or dark, is rich and creamy, making handling each stick a sensual experience that is not to be forgotten.  There's probably no other pastel that will allow you to express yourself as deeply as Sennelier oil pastels.  And with 120 different colors to select from, how could you have a better collection of tools to express yourself?  What better a tool could you imagine using that would convey the experience you are trying to use in your work?  Using each stick will result in just the feeling, the mood you want to express.

And don't worry about your treasured oil pastels getting messed up and mixed with all the others.  Sennelier oil pastels come in a sturdy wooden box with a hinged cover and individual slots for each stick.  You won't have to worry about whether you will be able to find that favorite color ever again.  Put them back in their spaces, close the cover, and you're on the way to your next endeavor.  

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Excellent product, service, and price
Sun Prairie, WI
March 27, 2017

Just what I wanted to begin work with oil pastels, and at the best internet price I could find. Completely satisfied. I tried cheaper oil pastels and compared them with Sennelier: the Sennelier pastels are worth the extra price,as they are much smoother to work with.
May 26, 2014

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