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Product Description:
Soltek is developing a new version, to be available soon!

Soltek French Easel - Plein Air Easel The Ferrari of the easel world! Bestseller!

The Soltek easel is a good 5 pounds lighter than traditional wooden plein-aire easels!

This lightweight incredibly strong metal easel will last you a lifetime.

Set up is a breeze!
As compared to the struggling needed in setting up a traditional French easel, the Soltek is a total pleasure to set up.

Guaranteed Lowest-price! Buy it now!

The Soltek Easel weighs 9 lbs. That is 4-9 lbs. less than regular French Easels!

View Soltek Easel VIDEO

Sets Up In Only 20 Seconds!b> with Solteks patented simple "Autolock legs."

Carrying Dimensions:
Folds to 2-1/2 in. x 12-1/2 in. x 20 in. (apprx. 1/3 the size of a standard French easel!)

Designed by an artist of 30 years, Jim Wilcox, who knows what it feels like to carry around the old heavier bulkier plein air easels, and the struggle to set them up. Jim put every thought into making this part of your art easier and more pleasurable.

The Soltek Easel includes a storage drawer for your brushes, towels and 26 tubes of paint. It also carrys your canvas up to 30 inches.

The Easel's arm, with adjustable top & bottom canvas-holders, adjusts to any angle, including 180-degrees flat (horizontal) for watercolor painting.

The height of the Soltek Easel can be adjusted so that it may be used while sitting.

No more fidgeting with wing nuts! The autolock legs telescope in & out with a touch, and lock automatically when you let go.

Converts easily to a laptop or table top easel

The aluminum alloy and polymers make this easeleasy to clean. No more leaving with old paint stains!

Remains sturdy and stable even in the wind

Its' own Polypropylene Palette Included Also comes with a carrying-strap, an instructional video and a clip to carry wet paintings on the easel.

Max canvas height: 30 inches.

Opens to Side Trays

30 day Manufacturer's money back guarantee, and 1-year Manufacturer's repair or replacement warranty included FREE!


8 inch taller legs. Where the Regular SolTek painting table comes up to 36 inches, the professional unit allows you to place the table up to 44 inches off the ground. The SolTek Pro is recommended for artists who are over 5 feet 8 inches tall.

{Please note: There is a 4 week lead time for the Soltek Easel to be shipped.}

When it comes to painting, having a quality easel is a necessity, especially for those who have a passion for art. An art easel in itself serves many purposes, including giving you the ability to take your work anywhere, whether itís in an open field or in an art studio. The Soltek Easel gives painters and art lovers the ability to take their work anywhere. Since the Soltek easel is five pounds lighter than your traditional wooden easel, it can be hauled around easily, making your life easier and your work less painful. If youíre a painter, you know the value of a high quality easel.

Made of lightweight metal, the Soltek easel has superior strength and durability, when compared to easels that are manufactured by its competitors. This particular easel combines quality with an affordable price. Because the easel is made of lightweight metal, it has the ability to last a lifetime. Setup is easy and is likely to take you only minutes to assemble. Weighing between four and nine pounds, the Soltek easel weighs four to nine pounds less than your traditional French easel.

As an art easel, the Soltek easel is a necessity for both novice and professional painters, because it can be transported anywhere. The Soltek easel was designed by Jim Wilcox, an artist with 30 years experience. Mr. Wilcox knows how difficult it is to haul around heavy easels. He has experience carrying heavy, bulky easels and understands the need for an easel that can be easily transported.
Equipped with a strong drawer, towels, brushes and 26 tubes of paint, the Soltek easel provides you the ability to haul multiple items that are essential to a painterís work. The easelís arm comes equipped with adjustable top and bottom canvas holders that can be adjusted to any angle, including 180 degree flat surfaces.
Comes with a standard size 5/32" Allen key for any adjustments needed.

Wet Canvas holder
The Soltek easel includes a clip that attaches to the post when the easel is folded up in order to hold a wet canvas. The clip holds one side of the canvas and the painting holders on the crossbar can swivel around to the back side and hold the other side
of the canvas.

The dimensions of the Soltek are as follows
-20" x 12.5" x 2 5/8" when closed, Pro is 21.5" x 12.5" x 2 5/8"
-up to 69.5" high (38" to palette), Pro is 73.5" (42" to palette)
-distance between legs when set up and fully extended 35" between 2 front legs and 48" from either front leg to the back leg, Pro is 39.5" between 2 front legs and 53" from either front leg to the back leg.

It can hold pastels. You may need to tighten the box friction a little bit though.

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Product Reviews

4.9 out of 5, Based on 19 Reviews.
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Favorite By Far
Living on our boat, Gypsy Spir
September 11, 2018

living on our boat, Gypsy Spirit, we have limited space. I need an easel that is easy to store and works very well. I have room for limited equipment so everything has to be reliable. This easel stores paints, sets up in a minute, and let's me work both flat and upright as I paint in watercolor. Absolutely the best choice. I can use it onboard or carry it with me to paint anywhere.
June 20, 2018

Love the easel. I love the top about cleaning off the legs which can sometimes hang up!!! Love my backpacks carrier. Which that there is an umbrella that fits it!!!
Love my soltek
Declo idaho
July 17, 2017

I have owned a soltek for more than 10 years.I love it's ease of use. Carry light, especially for plaNE air painting. Easy set up.carries all the essential s
Hope it is perfect for me!
Bloomington, IN
May 08, 2017

Looking forward to trying the Soltec easel. It sounds great, but I am waiting anxiously for it to arrive. Madison Art Shop has terrific service!
Soltek easel
January 04, 2017

Amazing product!
Cambria CA
December 18, 2016

Have not yet received it but was shipped four or so days ago. Would be nice if the shippers would provide some type of Tracking info so one would know when to expect its arrival. I think the easel itself is great as many of my colleagues have it.
Easton, MD
June 15, 2016

Thank you for carrying this easel at a good price! the one I had for 10 years has worn out. :)
Quality counts
Star Valley, Wyoming
June 13, 2016

Jim Wilcox has developed an amazing product---Quality counts; it is obvious that the master painter designed a superior easel.
Frequent user of soltek
Tennessee, east
June 05, 2016

Have used soltek easel 20 years. Other easels stay in closet-says it all. Jim Wilcox instructional DVDs 5 star all. Actually wachingonetoday.. About 10thtime .
Soltek Easel
Mesa , Arz.
January 20, 2015

ILove my Soltek easel. Light weight. A dream to set up, Very Functional. Don't know why I waited so long to purchase it.

rate 5-plus
July 16, 2014

Love my Soltek. I had no problem with my order through Madison Art Shop, it came relatively faster than I expected and have not had any problems so far. Thanks
Brookville, Ohio
July 04, 2013

This is the best easel for plein air. I have wasted more money on cheaper easels, than the cost of the Soltek. I received the easel in just two weeks, and am very pleased over all.
New orleans,la
April 28, 2013

The best easel I ever had
February 24, 2012

March 09, 2011

I purchased the Soltek easel and it seems really nice. I am making a modification to it so I can paint on a smaller canvas. The easel is set up to paint on nothing smaller than an 8" canvas. This is the only bad thing about this easel. This easel is replacing my one from college which I have had for over 20 yrs, I expect it will last just as long.
Jasper, TN
February 22, 2010

Excellent easel! I use it for plein air and workshops. My medium is soft pastels and Dakota makes boxes that fit perfectly inside the Soltek. Fabulous!! Love it!

I would also love to buy the backpack, but the link doesn't work at the website where it is offered.
Marin County, California
January 30, 2010

In my first week of ownership I can attest to a great design that lives up to its reputation. I was pleased with Madison's prompt shipping and arrival.
Indianapolis, IN
August 08, 2009

I am very pleased with the Soltek easel. I love its sleek design and its versatility. It is more stable than the wooden French Box easels.It seems very durable. There were some communication/techincal issues with Madison Art Shop customer service
ninnekah ok 73067
July 08, 2007

this item is very good with one exception- it has had one of the release buttons on one leg come loose. i managed to find the problem and fix it. i would like very much to get the price of the backpack bag for the easel

The Easel of a lifetime - Soltek!!

Returns are accepted within 30 days as long as it hasn't been used. It stands up great in the wind because of the wide leg stance. Soltek has made a lot of changes to the legs over the years to make them better than ever.
It is important to follow directions.


Master-artist Judith Carducci has been on a vendetta against Soltek, due to what she says is a defect found in her easel. She has repeatedly besmirched this product and our responses.

Reading Judith's long-winded rants and anger, the visitors do not see the main point.

The main point is that we have simply asked Judith to return the easel to us at our cost for for Soltek to inspect and repair or replace it. We sent her a shipping box with a pre-paid UPS label to return it, and all she does is ridicule us for that(?)
We have never ignored in any way to honor our warranty of any possible manufacturing defect in this easel. We are simply asking Judith to return this easel on our UPS account, which she refuses to do.

We have sold many hundreds of this Soltek easel to very happy customers with no other complaints.
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