Stenciling Brushes

Want to get great results and clean images every time you use a stencil? Choose the right tools for the job! Stencil brushes are designed to hold just the right amount of paint and to reduce the risk of smudging or running. 

With flat tops and dense, coarse bristles, stencil brushes can be fully loaded with paint, and hold the pigment in place, allowing for precise applications. When you use stencil paint on a wall or other surface, you need to get a clear image the first time -- and every time. Smudges and stains can damage your surface and mar your project permanently. Protect your work and your investment by using the right brush for the job. 

Stencil brushes range in size from 1/8" for dine details to 1 1/4" for larger designs and come in a complete set of 11 sizes for your convenience. 

Say goodbye to smudges and get clear and clean images every time you stencil with these specially designed paint brushes.

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