RICHESON Kazan Squirrel Classic Mop Watercolor Brush- Size 6

RICHESON Kazan Squirrel Classic Mop Watercolor Brush- Size 6
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This Kazan classic mop watercolor brush is Size 6 and produced by Richeson. Squirrel brushes are known for their ability to carry inks and thin watercolors very well.  Black Kazan squirrel hair is used for these watercolor brushes, and they are some of the finest watercolor brushes available anywhere. Features an easy to use wooden handle which is bound with wire and plastic. When wet, these brushes have the shape of a large round brush. They hold a large amount of watercolor paint and they are a great choice for veteran watercolor artists as well as new artists who are looking to add a high quality Size 6 watercolor brush to their collection.
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Boulder, Colorado
August 21, 2013

The brush was exactly what I was looking for. I started to use it immediately. The brush holds an amazing amount of water. Fantastic for large washes as well as fine detail. The first time I used the brush I used it exclusively, even for signing the painting. This is truly a high quality brush and well worth the investment.
I am also glad to have "discovered" Madison Art Shop and am looking forward to returning in the future.

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