Nicole Brushes

An artist is only as good as his materials.  The right brush can make the difference between a masterpiece and a disaster.  A good brush will distribute the color evenly and prevent unexpected bursts of color where they are not wanted.  So investing in quality brushes, like Nicole brushes, will be key in producing an end product to be proud of.

Nicole brushes come in a variety of styles and lengths.  They vary from  making bold sweeping statements on the canvas to the more delicate feathery strokes, for a softer look, depending on the needs of the artist. 

Using a Nicole brush is like the artwork itself, unique in its ability to convey the artist's intent, yet sturdy enough to use daily to enhance any painting. 

A Nicole brush is an artist's best friend, one that will distribute the paint evenly and contribute to an end product to be proud of.

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