Earth Science DVDs

The science of the Earth encompasses the complex weather systems of hte plant, its molten and rocky makeup, the oceanic ecosystems and more. In this selection of DVDs, you can find out about everything from floods to the solar storms that pose a threat to the planet. Find out about what the most extreme weather of the earth is like and how many factors affect it. Learn about the oceans and how different that environment is from land as well as how vast and changing. Choose a DVD about tsunamis and find out about this powerful force and how it affects both the ocean and the land. Or, find out about glacier research and how these ancient ice features are being studied today. The earth is a mysterious place, and our body of knowledge about it is still being added to. Learn more about the planet on which we live with these informative DVDs.

Find out more about the science of the planet we call home with this fascinating selection of DVDs.

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