The Earth Video Clip Collection (Enhanced DVD)

The Earth Video Clip Collection (Enhanced DVD)
The Earth Video Clip Collection explores Earth from its origin, as it rose from a ball of dust, to the formidable planet that it is today.
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Product Description:
Approximately 4 ½ billion years ago, from a cloud of space dust, the Earth was born. The sun played an important role in creating all of the planets. Large masses of dust surrounding the sun created the planets.

In rocks and fossils the truth of the Earth's existence can be discovered. Geologists, the scientists who study the matter that makes up the Earth, use fossils to find clues to the Earth's past.

The oceans are where life began on Earth. Beginning as single-celled organisms to vertebrates and eventually, through millions of years of evolution, humans.

Throughout the video collection you will discover that the Earth's core can reach temperatures over 6000° Celsius. This temperature aids in heating the surface. The core also plays a part in the invisible magnetic field, which protects the surface from dangerous solar radiation.

Understand the formation, causes, and eruptions or explosions of tsunamis, geysers, and earthquakes. Watch how the continent, known as Pangea shifted and broke apart creating the seven continents there are today. Know that rock formations within the Earth's crust form crystals and minerals that are highly valuable. Volcanos sit on top of molten lava. When the plates beneath them shift, a volcano could possibly erupt. The plates shift a small amount each day.

Discover with wonder as you watch The Earth Video Clip Collection. It is an in-depth exploration into all aspects of the creation of Earth.

The Earth Video Clip Collection (Enhanced DVD)
  • Enhanced DVD: Yes
  • ISBN: 978-1-61733-865-6
  • Run Time: 49 video clips, 30 seconds to 2 minutes each (71 minutes)
  • Copyright Date: 2010
  • CC (Closed Caption): Yes

Customer Reviews

Studies of planet Earth have a lot to cover as the Earth is over 200 million square miles. This is a collection of 49 video clips including high quality film footage and animations that examine the history of the Earth, tectonics, volcanism, and Earth’s structure. Other topics include Earth’s representation, how landscapes evolved, and information about the continents. (71 minutes)

Segments in this video include:
  • The History of the Earth – Around 4.6 billion years ago, planet Earth was born. This includes details about the evolution of the earth.
  • The Formation of the Earth – The sun was created from a huge cloud of dust and gas that heated to the point of nuclear fission. Dust accumulated around the sun which gave rise to the planets in our solar system. Life was created in the oceans of the Earth over a period of billions of years.
  • The Geologic Time Scale – Life emerged from single celled organisms into vertebrates. Amphibians eventually moved onto land and forests, plants, dinosaurs, reptiles, humans and mammals began appearing.
  • Fossils – Fossils are used by geologists as clues when they are investigating the Earth.
  • The Structure of the Earth – Introduction – Earth’s exact structure is not fully known. Deep inside of the Earth, the pressure and temperature is so extreme that rocks melt.
  • Inside Earth – No drilling has ever gone further than 15 kilometers below the surface. Scientists have created a model for the interior of the planet based on observations of the surface. The crust is heated by the core of the earth.
  • Geomagnetism – Earth has a magnetic field that is active along lines from the South Pole to the North Pole. A compass with a magnetized needle will point toward the North Pole, and the geomagnetism is the result of activity in the core of the Earth.

    The Earth Video Clip Collection
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61733-865-6
  • Run Time: 71 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2010
  • CC
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