The Secret World: Tara Oceans (Enhanced DVD)

The Secret World: Tara Oceans (Enhanced DVD)
Discover the secrets that the Tara Oceans research team explores as they investigate the fascinating world of marine life along the coast of the Mediterranean in The Secret World: Tara Oceans.
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Product Description:
From a multitude of scientific backgrounds, scientists all over the world joined forces to create the Tara Oceans research team. This group of researchers investigates marine life to better understand its effects of Earth. This 3-year expedition follows the team as they take samples and measure results aboard the ship, the Tara.

Because very little is known about species of marine life, the Tara Oceans team begins to catalog, as well as research new species of plankton. They also began to organize a database for the phylum of jellyfish.

They first find chlorophyll, the green color that is found in all green plants and cyanobacteria. It is responsible for the absorption of light that creates the energy for the process of photosynthesis. Teh chlorophyll was found in large quantities around the Mediterranean SEa.

Take the underwater journey, with the crew, as they travel to discover plant particles that are crucial to climate and are fundamental to the marine life food chain.

The Tara Oceans team collected 1000's of samples, which include zooplankton, phytoplankton, and copepods (similar to ants). As the team traveled from the Bay of Biscay to the coast of Eastern Spain they find unrecognizable species that must be sent back to their Paris lab for determination.

Secrets of the ocean are revealed in this expedition, which is truly a remarkable journey that captures each step in collecting, researching, and cataloging old and new species of marine life.

The Secret World: Tara Oceans (Enhanced DVD)
  • Enhanced DVD: Yes
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-549-9
  • Run Time: 52 minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2010
  • CC (Closed Captioned): Yes

Customer Reviews

Plankton might be the world’s future solution to global warming. The Tara Oceans team researched the oceans to learn more about plankton and to gain insight about the health of the Earth. The marine world is arguably the most important ecosystem on Earth, and the Tara Oceans team partook in a three year expedition in order to gain insight in this important ecosystem.
Viewers get to travel along with the team as they sail to western Mediterranean sea looking for colonies of plankton. The team observes how zooplankton and phytoplankton interact. They also come up with a plan for a complete planktonic inventory. (52 minutes)

Segments in this video include:
  • Last Planetary Mystery – NASA sent a satellite into space in 1966 to photograph the moon and showed some of the first images of the Earth covered in an ocean. We have traveled extensively throughout Earth’s land, but little is known about the marine world.
  • Bay of Biscay – The Tara Oceans team is headed by Eric Karsenti and Gaby Gorsky, an oceanographer as well as Colomban de Vargas, a biologist. The team traveled on a 36 meter aluminum schooner that had a built in laboratory, and they sailed around the world to gather data about plankton and marine life.
  • Marine “Snow” – The team plots the first leg of their course and they find large areas of chlorophyll around the Mediterranean. They find that a large amount of plant life exists underneath the surface.
  • Phytoplankton – Scientists take ten samples to a depth of 200 meters. Analysis finds plant particles near the surface that require sunlight for photosynthesis and that are essential for the climate as well as the atmosphere. They are the basis of the marine food chain just like the grass pastures on land.
    The Secret World: Tara Oceans
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-549-9
  • Run Time: 52 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2010
  • CC
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