The Ocean in Peril: Alanna Mitchell (Enhanced DVD)

The Ocean in Peril: Alanna Mitchell (Enhanced DVD)
Discover the importance of ocean life to human survival in this in-depth interview with Alanna Mitchell.
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Product Description:
Silver Donald Cameron hosts this episode of The Green Interview with Alanna Mitchell. She is considered the world's best environmental journalist. In this video, Mitchell discusses her explorations into marine life. She believes that the ocean is fundamental to human survival. In Mitchell's book, "Sea Sick: The Hidden Crisis in the Global Ocean", she examines the delicate state of the oceans on a global scale. This book won the Grantham Prize for excellence in environmental journalism.

In this interview, Alanna Mitchell will discuss and help you understand the interconnected ocean system. She researches the ocean as a whole entity, not many, separate ocean systems. She also states that plankton is involved in 50% of the world's oxygen. So, thank every other breath to marine life.

Mitchell questions people's understanding of the ocean's coverage. They do not know that the ocean encompasses 99% of the world's living space.

Part of the crisis that Alanna Mitchell touches on concerns the release of accelerated carbon. The carbon has the effect of changing the fundamental makeup of the world's oceans. Another problem is ocean acidification. This devastating occurrence has played a major role in each of the world's global extinctions.

Alanna Mitchell believes that people cannot live without marine life, even though marine life can live without terrestrial (plant and animal) life.

The Ocean in Peril: Alanna Mitchell (Enhanced DVD)
  • Enhanced DVD: Yes
  • ISBN: 978-0-81609-134-8
  • Run Time: 64 minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2011
  • CC (Closed Caption): Yes

Customer Reviews

Alanna Mitchell is an award winning Canadian journalist, author and speaker on conservation and environmental science. Mitchell perfected her gift of decoding the complex terminology of science into the conversation of everyday life after two years as an investigative journalist.
Mitchell’s recent book, “Sea Sick: The Hidden Crisis in the Global Ocean” includes firsthand accounts from experts and scientific information about the crisis in the world’s oceans. Details are discussed about how humans are altering the ocean’s characteristics including salinity, ice cover, temperature, and the life that the oceans sustain. (63 minutes)

Segments in this video include:
  • Alanna Mitchell – The Canadian journalist and author is introduced. She has found that ocean life is threatened by human disruption and that life on the surface is directly connected to it.
  • Understanding the Ocean – Mitchell discusses how terrestrial life is dependent on marine chemical systems. For example, 50% of the oxygen that human beings need for life is produced by marine plankton.
  • Global Ocean Concept – Mitchell discusses how the ocean only recently has been studied as a single, interconnected system.
  • Biosphere System – Mitchell talks about the shift to holistic thinking when studying how human beings are affecting the planet.
  • Planetary Emergency – Mitchell discusses two misconceptions – that humans will find a technological solution to any future environmental catastrophe, and that humans aren’t doing enough damage to cause a major problem in the environment.
  • Climate Change Denial – Mitchell discusses the argument that human beings are not a part of nature and that they should rule over it, a belief that is strongly held by religious fundamentalists in the United States.
  • Ocean Mysteries – Mitchell reflects how the ocean takes up 71% of the space on the planet and 99% of the living space, but most of it is not known to human beings.

    The Ocean in Peril: Alanna Mitchell
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-0-81609-134-8
  • Run Time: 63 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2011
  • CC
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