Global Weirding (Enhanced DVD)

Global Weirding (Enhanced DVD)
Hurricanes seem to be getting bigger and more powerful, but are they really? Buy this video and find out what is truly happening with our planet.
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Product Description:
Scientific experts who study hurricanes do so from a vantage point that is up close and dangerous. In this video, you will join them on their quest, and it will seem like you are right there with them. They are studying why hurricanes have become more terrible and greater in size and number than ever before. They are working to learn what are the root causes of these changes, what we can do to prepare, predict, and prevent the storms from becoming even worse. You will also watch and learn about droughts that are becoming more frequent and more severe and why that is happening. Watch as the scientists investigate the possibilities of predicting the patterns of future monster hurricanes so they can predict when and where they will strike. Their work could save thousands of lives.
Customer Reviews

Is the weather of the world becoming more extreme? This program follows hurricane chasers from the Atmosphere Administration and National Geographic and finds that over the past decade hurricanes have become more and more powerful. Kerry Emanuel is a MIT scientist who warns that about “black swan hurricanes” which have unparalleled severity and that could hit parts of the world that haven’t been hit by hurricanes relatively recently. Just forecasting the weather may not be enough. Produced by BBC. (50 minutes)

Segments in this video include:
  • Preparing for Unprecedented Weather – Random weather events like drought have become more severe and common. Hurricanes have doubled in power since the 1980s. How will the world adapt to what is becoming a more and more unpredictable climate?
  • Investigating Hurricanes: a Bumpy Ride – The top weather scientists try to understand changes that are affecting the climate system of the world. Jason Dunion describes flying right into storms for the purpose of research.
  • Hurricane Chasers: Valuable Data – Jason Dunion and his colleagues have recorded that there has been an increase in category 5 storms in recent years.
  • Researching Extreme Weather Patterns – North Atlantic hurricanes have occurred in greater numbers in the past decade. Kerry Emanuel of MIT investigates the main mechanism of the storms.
  • Understanding the Science of Hurricanes – Kerry Emanuel explains how cyclones are formed. Warmth from the ocean is transferred into the atmosphere, and this creates winds that are so powerful that they are equal to a nuclear explosion every 20 minutes.
  • Anticipating Future Cyclone Patterns – Hurricanes are occurring more frequently due to rising ocean temperatures. Kerry Emanuel investigates the different factors involved in the storms which are expected to increase in speed and frequency in the future.

    Global Weirding
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-308-2
  • Run Time: 50 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2012
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