Tara Oceans: A Scientific Odyssey (Enhanced DVD)

Tara Oceans: A Scientific Odyssey (Enhanced DVD)
The secrets of the ocean are revealed by the Tara Oceans research team as they explore the global effects on marine plankton.
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Product Description:
Tara Oceans: A Scientific Odyssey is a 4-part video series that followings a group of expert scientists who boarded the Tara, a large schooner, in an expedition that led to the Tara Oceans video series. This fascinating footage explores the life of planktonic ecosystems. Plankton, a diverse group of organisms that float in the open sea, has become crucial to human life. Plankton is involved in at least 50% of human beings oxygen supply. They also influence the weather and they are a substantial food supply for larger marine life, such as whales and fish. This team traveled across pelagic zones and took thousands of samples. The findings from the Mediterranean, Red Sea, and the Indian Ocean are extraordinary. They will help understand the newly discovered species of marine life.

Tara Oceans: A Scientific Odyssey (Enhanced DVD)
  • Enhanced DVD: Yes
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-548-2
  • Run Time: 4-part series, 52-53 minutes each (209 minutes total)
  • Copyright Date: 2010
  • CC (Closed Captioned): Yes

Customer Reviews

Tara Oceans, a collaboration of ecologists, geneticists, biologists, physicians and oceanographers began studying plankton in 2009. Understanding plankton is crucial for monitoring climate change. Plankton include the small animals, viruses, algae, and bacteria that float in the open sea. These organisms serve as a food source for larger organisms in the ocean. Phytoplankton fix about half of the carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere, and many have suggested that plankton could help to reduce global warming because of it.
This is a four part series that follows the Tara Ocean scientists as they travel the world sailing and getting samples from pelagic zones in the Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, and the Red Sea.
They begin working on a large comprehensive database of their findings. The series includes candid footage of research in the field as well as incredible macrophotography. This series is a great educational tool for students in several different disciplines and they are fascinating and entertaining. (209 minutes)

Titles in This Series
  • The Secret World: Tara Oceans
  • The Sacred Pact: Tara Oceans
  • The Big Bloom: Tara Oceans
  • Man and the Oceans: Tara Oceans

    Tara Oceans: A Scientific Odyssey
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-548-2
  • Run Time: 209 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2010
  • CC
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