da Vinci Bristle Mottlers Series-560

da Vinci Bristle Mottlers Series-560

The da Vinci Bristle Mottlers Series-560 is a mottler brush that can be used for watercolor, acrylic or oil painting, decorative or faux finishes, varnishing, graining, priming, murals and washes. Its bristles are designed to hold larger amounts of paint, making it possible to cover large surface areas with ease.

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Product Description:

The da Vinci Mottler 560 series is a mottler brush used for

  • watercolor
  • acrylic paint
  • oil painting
  • decorative or faux finishes
  • varnishing
  • graining
  • transparent painting
  • priming
  • murals
  • washes

This mottler brush is made from finest sabeline and is available in measurements from 15 to 100 mm wide. The seamed steel ferrule is rust-proof and the handle is high-quality hard wood in a natural finish.  These mottler brushes are designed to hold a greater amount of paint and are best used to cover large surfaces. The length of the sabeline bristles gives the brush its strength for moving primer or paints with ease.  

To clean the mottle brush immediately after use, wash it well using cool water and hard bar soap. Working the soap thoroughly into the bristles will help condition and clean them. Rinse well and hang the brush to air dry. Denatured alcohol or methylated spirits can be used to clean a hardened brush.

Customer Reviews

With the da Vinci Bristle Mottlers Series brushes, you'll have what it takes to make smooth, intricate and (most importantly) detailed lines on whatever design or drawing that you happen to be working on. These are some of the highest quality brushes in the world and are used by many artists on a daily basis. da Vinci Bristle Mottlers Series brushes are offered in a full range of shapes and sizes for you to better select based on the needs of the current situation.

da Vinci Bristle Mottlers Series brushes give you compete control over every last element of the design that you're working on.

The daVinci Bristle Mottlers Series brushes give each stroke an elegant, soft finesse that any artist can appreciate. Perfect for water colors, lettering and more, the da Vinci Bristle Mottlers Series paintbrushes are an excellent choice to suit any painter's needs.

The da Vinci Bristle Mottlers Series brushes are an essential component to any artist's tool kit.
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