DAIGE Quickmount, DAIGE Laminators, Foamboard & Mounting Materials

The Daige Quickmount and EZ-Glide both apply a clear protective laminated surface to your document. Not only does this effectively protect the sheet from harmful UV rays, it also makes your document sturdier and protects it from dirt and wear. For larger applications, we recommend using a Quickmount or EZ Glide as it ensures proper bond from substantial rolling pressure.

Rollataqs and Maxits provide a tacky surface to your document so that it can be applied to any of our foam boards. Desktop machines make it easy to maintain. Rollataqs available in 24 1/2” and 36 1/2” widths, while the Maxits come in 12”, 24 1/2”, and 36 1/2” widths.

DAIGE Quickmount, DAIGE Laminators, Foamboard & Mounting Materials

  • One year limited manufacturers warranty
  • Ships in one week from order date
  • 120 volts
  • Minimal maintenance required

Submitting a proposal and you need laminated covers? Preserving your child’s artwork? Mounting your large format photography to foam board for your gallery opening? DAIGE helps you do the job with ease.

Daige invites you to try their Daige Quickmount,Rollataq, Maxit, EZ-Glide and Daige Laminators products and join their long list of satisfied customers which includes:

Northwest Airlines,
Notre Dame

The Daige Quickmount and EZ-Glide puts a clear protective laminate protection on top of sheet being laminated.
The laminate protects from harmful UV sunlight rays.
If you place the sheet on top of a board, and then laminate, the process will also mount your item to the board.

The Rollataqs and Maxits only mount items, without providing protective coverings.

Q: Regarding a laminator for Icons -
8" x 10" on MDF 3/4" Fiberboard - I would like one side laminated and the other side mounted to the wood, like in plaques. For the laminate, I prefer a dull satin finish, not glossy. How is this done?

A: This would be three step process.

1. apply laminate to image side using Quikmount: when running prints through the Quikmount, you place them on top of a carrier board (gatorfoam, sintra, styrene etc.) which gives it stiffness and support plus it takes up
excess laminate that does not go on the print. In this case the board enables you to laminate multiple prints.

Take a board about 24" x 25" and start the first 1" in the laminator.

PLace the 8" x 10" prints on top of the board, two across and two back (total of 4 prints). Run the prints through, then trim them after they are laminated.
You can use a longer board to do 3 back or 4 back and then do 6 or 8 at a time. They can get satin or matte finish in the laminate.

2. Apply adhesive using Quikmount: they would replace the roll of laminate with a roll of double sided adhesive. If the Icon covers the entire plaque, then they would apply the adhesive to the plaque. If not, then they would apply the adhesive to the icon. The adhesive costs about 60 ents per sq. ft.

3. Remove the first two inches of the backing paper to expose the adhesive, line up the print to the plaque, then run it through the Quikmount to mount.

A better alternative to steps 2 and 3 is to use one of our adhesive systems, either the Rollataq or Maxit. These both use roller coaters to apply adhesive to the back of the print. YOu run the print through the roller coater and in only seconds they apply a coating of adhesive. You then position the print on the plaque and roll down the print to the plaque for a permanent bond.

Applying the adhesive with the roller coater systems is much faster than using double sided adhesive with Quikmount. It is also much less expensive. Rollataq costs 4 cents per sq. ft and Maxit 11 cents versus 60 cents for the double sided. Finally, it is much easier to position the print with these adhesives versus the very aggressive
double sided adhesives.

There is no machine that will laminate and mount
at the same time.

All Maxits:
  • One year manufacturers warranty
  • Ships in about one week from order
  • Uses 120 volts
  • If you are mounting larger prints (22" x 28" or larger) we recommend running the prints on the board through a cold laminator such as our Quikmount laminator. Rolling pressure is very important to getting the proper bond and using a cold laminator insures you get the proper
    pressure on larger prints.

    Daige Quickmount, Rollataq, Maxit, EZ-Glide and Daige Laminators - Laminating Machines, Mounting & Adhesive Systems, Photography Mat Boards, Foamboard and Mounting Materials

    {Please note: It takes one to two weeks from the receipt of an order for any adhesive system or laminator to ship.}

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