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We have an exclusive variety of colored pencils and permanent markers that are available in a stunning assortment of grades and colors. We have watercolor pencils, charcoal pencils and as well as paint sticks. Our pencils and markets have highly-pigmented, soft cores that will ensure surfaces are covered completely whether on paper, wood or something else entirely.

Our drawing sets are designed with the artist in mind, and are ideal for artists at all levels of creativity and proficiency. Whether you’re a student, just out of school, or a professional and technical artist, you’ll successfully find a drawing set that matches your needs so that you can create crisp, detailed artwork.

From erasers and pencil sharpeners to drawing sets and scratch boards, we have you covered when it comes to your drawing supplies. We even have a kids’ drawing kit to help the young ones get their feet wet with drawing and illustration. You’ll find everything that you need to put your imagination onto paper here at Madison Art Shop.

There is a lot more to drawing supplies than washable markers and No. 2 pencils. Check out our drawing and illustration supplies to get your hands on some of the highest-quality, top-rated pencils, markets and more to help create the best possible artwork you've ever seen.

Drawing as Therapy
What is art therapy?
Young children generally lack the words they need to express how they feel. Drawing is a wonderful way for children to communicate their feelings. In fact, drawing is often used as a tool in therapy. Drawing and other forms of art can go far in helping children share their complicated feelings with adults. One way you can encourage your children to continue drawing (and boost their self esteem at the same time) is by mounting and hanging their art work.
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