Maxit Adhesive System Coater (comes filled with Adhesive and 4" rubber brayer) - 12" width

Maxit Adhesive System Coater (comes filled with Adhesive and 4" rubber brayer) - 12" width
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Coater prefilled with Adhesive: 
 Adhesive to make albums hard covers #MXII-7
 Adhesive for bookblick #RP

Optional Extra Adhesive Refills: 
 #MXII-7 Extra Box Adhesive Refill to make albums for doing the hard covers- addl: $170
 #RP Extra Box Adhesive Refill for doing the bookblick - addl: $130

Product Description:
This item is Discontinued.)
Preview: Maxit Adhesive System Coater (comes filled with Adhesive and 4" rubber brayer) - 12" width
Maxit Adhesive System

Foolproof way to mount presentations, comps, wide format inkjet prints, signage and much more. Maxit roller coaters apply a unique pressure sensitive adhesive to the back of your material. This remarkable system makes mounting easy and ...
  • Eliminates spray mess.
  • Costs significantly less than adhesive cartridges and rolls.
  • Provides easy repositioning, and then provides a permanent bond.
  • Requires no daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance.
  • Safe for use with output from almost all printers and copiers.

    Here's how it works:

    The coater comes filled with adhesive and is fully automatic. Simply press the switch and it warms up in 30 to 40 minutes.

    Turn the motor on and send your media into the turning rollers. It rolls on a microthin coating in seconds, no waste or mess.

    Coats only one side.

    Media comes out completely dry and will not stick to anything until you want it to, so repositioning is easy. Then roll it down to achieve a permanent bond.

    For prints 22" 28" or larger, you can use the Quickmount press.

    Easy-to-refill adhesive bars melt in the adhesive tray.

    Maxit adhesive is waterproof and has a very high melt point. The media goes through the coater so fast, that most heat sensitive prints will not be effected by the heat (including inkjet, laser, and color copies) At the end of the day, simply turn off the power. No cleanup is needed.


    If you mount only four 11" x 17" sheets per day, you will save $800 per year versus cartridges and $600 versus double sided films. Use the following to determine your savings.

    Coating Widths: 12", 24", 36",55" Adhesion Will stick to almost all surfaces including plastic wood, metal and concrete.

    Speed: 4 seconds per foot.

    Maintenance: None! Melt Point 180º F (The trunk of a car on a 100º F day may only reach 160º F.)

    Method Cost per SQ.FT.: Maxit 11¢, Cartridge 65¢, Film Rolls 50¢ & Spray 12¢.

    Construction: All aluminum and steel.

    Electrical: 110 or 220 volts.

    Media Usage: Can use with a wide range of stock, including output from laser, inkjet, and color copiers.

    Warranty: One year.

    Dimensions: 9" wide x 5" high, 10" longer than coating width.

    Safety: Nontoxic, odor free nonflammable.

    Used for: Mounting presentations, comps, wide-format, ink-jet, signage, displays.

    Used by: Corporate graphics, ad agencies, photo-labs, sign shops, schools, service bureaus.

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