Professional, Instructional Art Videos

Choose from one of the largest selections of expert art instuction videos on the web! Browse our perennial best-sellers from master artists like: 

  • Daniel Greene, one of the foremost pastelists in the United States
  • Ramon Kelley, award-winning artist whose exquisite works are displayed in the finest galleries in America. 
  • Burton Silverman, leading portrait painter 
  • David Leffel, classic style artist.  
  • Ken Davies, known for his trompe-l'œil paintings
  • Ian Roberts, nationally recognized nature painter  
  • Kevin Macpherson.  leading plein air (outdoor) painter

Or you may choose specialty topics from some of the best art instructors around.  

  • Albert Handell can show you how to work in oil and pastel.
  • Doug Dawson offers videos for plein air pastels.  
  • Ann Templeton will teach you how to create an abstract masterpiece.  
  • Bob Rohm offers a wonderful indepth painting process for both oil and pastel. 
  • Richard McKinley is a Pastel Society of America Hall of Fame member
  • Bill Hosner. plein air pastel artist.​

Learn to paint like a pro!  Choose your favorite instructor from our catalogue and get started!

Professional, Instructional Art Videos We have one of the largest selections of expert Art Instuction Videos on the web for you to choose from!

Along side our perennial best-sellers like master-artists and pedagogues Daniel Greene, Ramon Kelley, Burton Silverman, David Leffel, Ken Davies, Ian Roberts & Kevin Macpherson, we are proud to include the following in our on-line video catalogue - Albert Handell, Kevin Macpherson, Doug Dawson, Bob Rohm, Richard McKinley, Bill Hosner & Ann Templeton

All of our artist are wonderful! We have had lots of success with each one. Albert Handell has had a huge response both in Oil and Pastel and both Doug and Ann offer wonderful videos unique to a target audience. Doug for plein air pastels, and Ann for abstract artists. Bob Rohm has been a very successful artist for us and we have had terrific responses to his DVD very well. He targets all ranges of artist and offers a wonderful in dept painting process both in oil and pastel.

We hope that this information helps you to select more videos from our on-line catalogue.

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