Art Storage

Madison Art Shop has one of the largest and most comprehensive art supply storage item selections to fulfill the storage needs of every artist. Among items available are, full art storage cabinets, portfolio, print racks and more. All of our high quality storage solutions have been used and recommended by some of the best and most prominent artists in the country. 

Store your supplies, materials and artwork in between periods of use.

Art Supply Storage Cabinets

It is important for any artist to store his or her artwork, supplies and materials safely away between use. Unfortunately, high quality art storage cabinets can be expensive. Madison Art Shop has a comprehensive selection of art supply storage items to fulfill a multitude of art storage needs. From portfolios and print racks to full art storage cabinets and systems, we only offer the highest quality art storage products available. You can even find Art Collection Software to help you take inventory for your art collection. Our knowledgeable team of artists carefully selects all of our art storage products and offers them for outstanding prices.

Tips for Storing Art and Supplies

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to keep your art supplies properly organized and stored in art storage cabinets or a designated space. For one, the more organized you keep your supplies, the less you have to puncture your flow of creativity to find a certain brush or utensil. Organization allows you to concentrate fully on your creation. Secondly, properly storing supplies in an art supply storage cabinet helps prolong shelf life to prevent you from wasting money. Here are some tips for your art storage:

• Do what you can to prevent moisture. Supplies should be kept in a cool, dry art storage cabinet. Do not use plastic containers, tissue paper or cement. Plastic containers may keep moisture out, but they can also lock moisture in, as can porous cement. Tissues break down quickly and will leave residue on your artwork.
• Organize supplies by purpose and item, and line up paints according to the color spectrum to find what you need quickly.
• If you have several smaller paint brushes, wash the paint out of them after use and then store them in a drinking straw to prevent splaying.
• Be sure to hang and store your artwork on the proper surfaces and racks to prevent cracking, smudging and other mishaps.
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