Artists Portfolios & Presentation Cases

Art Portfolios & Cases

Every serious artist should have one or several art portfolios in which to display their best work. Madison Art Shop has a huge selection of artist portfolios in a variety of sizes and shapes. Each premium art case is crafted by top industry manufacturers and offered to you for a low discount price you’ll only find at Madison Art Shop. We are dedicated to ensuring that every artist can find his or her optimal portfolio on any budget. Whether you need an art case to store supplies, a messenger bag for easy transport or a luxurious art portfolio to present your work, you’ll find an array of beautiful selections that will perfectly suit your needs.
Artists Portfolios & Presentation Cases

Choosing among the Artist Portfolios

With so many art case and portfolio options, choosing the right one for your needs can seem like a daunting task. Each portfolio has different features that artists will find useful. For instance, if you need a portfolio that also totes some art supplies, try a multi-use portfolio or messenger bag that has extra compartments for some painting and drafting supplies. However, if you’re presenting artwork to professionals, you’ll want to look into the presentation-specific art portfolios with features like rings and protective sheets. For artists simply requiring an art case to transfer their work from place to place, you’ll want to look for art portfolios that have pockets and restraints to keep art safe during travel.

Creating the Art Portfolio

For artists requiring the use of an art casefor presentation purposes, here are some tips to consider when compiling your work:
A place for everything, and everything in its place. You will be presenting your portfolio to someone who you’re undoubtedly trying to impress. Therefore, it needs to be clean, functional, organized and essentially perfect before it is actually presented. Nothing should be sticking out or falling out.
Presentation is key. This seems like a simple concept, but you would be surprised how many people overlook the importance of a cohesive presentation. You want the viewer to see a cohesive progression if they’re flicking through your portfolio, but if you need to show an example or two, you want to find them easily. Think carefully about your organization from both the big-picture and the more specific standpoint.
We all wear labels. Your art should too. At the very least, label your artwork with the dimensions and medium. If you have a title, include that information as well.

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