Art Collector Software

Software for the passionate art collector.

My Art Collection Software CD-Rom is like having employees in a box.  It is the modern way to document and inventory your art collection. An upgrade from spreadsheets, My Art Collection software will inventory your art collection by documenting

  • Name of the work
  • Visual image of work.
  • Artist's name
  • Date purchased
  • Purchase price

After the database has the necessary information, the 'employees' begin working. The software begins tracking information for future decision-making. Here are just a few of the things this box of 'employees' will track for you:

  • Appraisal value.
  • Appraiser's contact information.
  • Artist contact information.
  • Art type,
  • Medium,
  • Condition,
  • Authenticator's contact information
  • Buyer's contact information
  • Certificates of appraisal and authenticity
  • Purchase and sale price
  • And much more...

If art collecting is your passion and you don't have employees to research valuable information, you need this software. My Art Collection helps you make informed decisions about buying and selling..  If art collecting is your passion, My Art Collection is your software.

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