Watercolor Stations

Imagine having all your art supplies in one place, where you can find them and get to them easily.  Do you know where your palettes are? Did you buy more Quinacridone Gold because you couldn't find it just when you wanted it?   Madison Art Supplies offers watercolor work stations for your consideration in managing your work more effectively and efficiently.  Imagine having your materials organized, with plenty of drawers to hold tubes not currently in use, specialized brushes, water spray bottles, and even a cubbyhole for watercolor paper on some models.  Where is your fine 300lb full sheet watercolor paper sitting right now? Think how frustrated you get trying to figure out where you put that expensive Kolinsky sable brush...and imagine having it right at your fingertips. You spend a lot of money on supplies, and it would be nice if you could find them.  Suddenly...no muss, no fuss, and no distraction from your work of art.  Devoting just a few square feet to watercolor...isn't it worth it?

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