Watercolor Palettes

Choosing a watercolor palette is almost as important as the watercolors themselves. Palettes have many designs depending on your needs. A good palette is one that easily separates colors but also gives an area to mix them to create the right kiind of blend you need for your watercolor art.

Need watercolor paints on the go? Travel cases that open up into palettes are the best choice. If you need something bigger and more involved in your studio or for class, one of our giant porcelain palettes will be more than large enough to hold several colors and give enough space to mix colors together.

A good palette is one that can be easiily used without losing control of color and can easily be cleaned for a new set of paints or to put away until another project.  Having a couple of different palettes gives you more options and more flexibility.

Find watercolor palettes that fit your budger for your next masterpiece.

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