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Richeson FOLDING W/C PALETTE This Richeson small folding watercolor palette is affordably priced and a great option for your watercolors. Built to be durable, this palette will last for many uses with proper care. Offers 18 wells to hold color. It is small enough to be transported in a briefcase or backpack easily. The deep wells are a great choice for brushes of all sizes including larger brushes. Deep wells allow you to get more color with less effort. The lid will keep your watercolors protected when you aren’t using them. One of the top watercolor palettes available anywhere and a great option for new and experienced watercolor artists.

9.5" X 12"

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A palette that works!!!
September 21, 2017

I purchased the palettes not only for me, but for my adults students who take my watercolor workshops. The reason for buying this specific palette is because it really works: 18 wells are all deep and holds LOTS paints (just recently, I painted a full week for 16 paintings, without a need to refill any wells at all. that's how much paints it holds), a small flap that seals all the wells, not only keep them moist all the time, but the flap is also one additional mixing area, especial for thicker paints. I also use it for my world traveling while conducting workshops: if packed properly, it does not leak and can be either carried or put in a checked luggage. Just love it! Will probably order again!!
Los Angeles
November 25, 2012

This is a hard-to-find palette, but is a nearly perfect palette. The deep, wide wells are well-suited to larger brushes used for larger paintings and allow one to load up plenty of paint. And it is lightweight, with good mixing space. My only problem is that the hinged lid tends to break easily. Many users have taped up the lid and continue to use the palette BECAUSE it is so nearly perfect and has been difficult to find. So, so, so happy to have found a good source for these wonderful palettes! Thank you!
March 04, 2011

This is a nice plastic palette that can hold lots of paint in the wells.
The wells are curved and deep and have a folding lid over it to help slow down the drying time of paint.
There is plenty of mixing space and plenty of space to hold several brushes or accessories.
Overall this is now my main palette to work from.

HOWEVER, when I got this palette it seemed to have been used. The top of the lid was scratched up by maybe some kind of needle and there appeared to be some dried paint in the mixing space of the palette. I cleaned it up but I didn''t feel comfortable of using a palette that someone else had used and not knowing what they used it for specifically. To make matters worse when UPS dropped it off the package was beat up. Good delivery time but maybe they should'nt have thrown it over here.

But I still like the palettes design and usefulness.

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