Vine Charcoal / Stump Paper / Totillions

For centuries, artists have used charcoal as a drawing medium for both rough sketches and finished compositions. Modern masters get the benefit of more variety in their materials. Vine charcoal is perfect for rough sketches with thick, solid lines, while vine charcoal is the just thing for delicate sketches that need fine lines and details (making it perfect for planning paintings). For those who like more control (and cleaner hands!), charcoal is available in pencil sets. Any finished drawing requires shading, so stump papers (tortillions) are a must. These pressed paper products come with one or two pointy ends--perfect for shading even the most delicate pieces--and won't rub away or ruin your drawing paper the way erasers can. Best of all, they come in different sizes for different drawing needs.

These products give you more versatility for your rough sketches and finished drawings.

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