Yarka™ St. Petersburg Watercolor Sets of 24

Yarka™ St. Petersburg Watercolor Sets of 24 - Click to enlarge
Merging quality and variety, the paints in this high-end watercolor set stay soft for ultimate convenience.
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Product Description:
With a long history of high-quality paint production, Yarka St. Petersburg dependably produces the best gifts for the artist in your life. If that artist is you, why not indulge in a little something for yourself? Painting can be even more fun when you find just the right materials, such as these 24-color, top-of-the-line watercolor sets. Some of this paint's best features include:
  • Liquid pouring, a manufacturing process that yields softer and more usable paints
  • Rich, vivid colors that cover well so you can create lifelike paintings with no wasted paint
  • Silky texture so your paintbrush will glide over the surface of your painting
  • The best colorfastness available so you can create long-lasting paintings
The wide range of colors in these Yarka St. Petersburg paint sets available will appeal to even the most discerning artist. Order today to experience this world-class paint for yourself!

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4.2 out of 5, Based on 7 Reviews.
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Yarka St Petersburg Watercolor
December 08, 2014

This item will be given as a gift. It arrived on time and has a nice presentation.
Miami, FL
October 20, 2013

I purchased the expanded (set #2) and sequel sets (set#3) after painting with Set #1. These paints are wonderful. except for some of the blues and greens, these paints yield intense color with barely a touch of the brush to the pan, and the color looks beautiful on the paper. If you want to keep the pans from jiggling in the box, try what worked for me--apply a spot of sticky wax to the bottom of the pan and press the pan into place in the rack. BTW, I received the paintboxes in a timely manner and in good shape.
aurora il
May 28, 2013

Paints are good , madison art was slow to ship and sent me the wrong paints ...then told me i could return them for a refund because they dont have the correct paints
aurora il
May 28, 2013

The paints are nice ,but the travel/pallet tray has all the pans touching..Very slow customer service and shipping ...sent me wrong order then told me that it was a wharehouse issue and that they dont have my correct order to ship ....total waste of time and money. Will not buy again.
New Iberia, La
December 10, 2012

The quality of the paints is excellent. The colors are vivid with some unusual tints. My only complaint(a minor one) is that the pans do not stay in the contain. If it is meant to travel, some means to affix the pans to the case would be desirable.
Rocky Mount, NC
February 01, 2011

This is an outstanding product. The paints are SMOOTH!!! In fact, the best I've ever used! Madison Art Shop was delightful to deal with, which made the sale complete! Thanks!
Chatsworth, CA
September 22, 2010

I recently received my expanded set of St. Petersburg watercolors. As promised, they are moist pans of rich color that flow beautifully. I look forward to purchasing a sequel set in the future.

Complete Color Listing of St. Petersburg Watercolors Sets:

  • Zinc White NEW! - Set C
  • Violet - Set A and B
  • Cadmium Lemon - Set A
  • Blue Lake - Set B and C
  • Lemon NEW! - Set C
  • Cobalt Blue Spectral NEW! - Set C
  • Hansa Yellow, Set B and C
  • Ultramarine, Set A and B
  • Cadmium Yellow Medium , Set A and B
  • Blue (Russian) - Set A
  • Yellow Ochre - Set A and B
  • Bright Blue (Brilliant) - Set B
  • Naples Yellow NEW - Set C
  • Blue Cobalt - Set A and B
  • Raw Sienna - Set A and B
  • Prussian Azure NEW! - Set C
  • Golden (Ochre) - Set A and B
  • Azure Blue NEW! - Set C
  • Golden Deep NEW! - Set C
  • Turquoise Blue NEW! - Set C
  • Cadmium Orange - Set A and B
  • Ceruleun Blue NEW! - Set C
  • Orange Lake - Set B
  • Glauconite - Set B
  • Titian's NEW! - Set C
  • Yellow Green - Set A and B
  • Shakhnazarskaya Red - Set B
  • Green Light NEW! - Set C
  • Red Ochre - Set A
  • Green Original - Set B
  • Burnt Sienna - Set A
  • Emerald Green - Set A
  • English Red - Set A and B
  • Oxide of Chromium NEW! - Set C
  • Vermilion (Hue) NEW! - Set C
  • Green (Russian) - Set A and B
  • Cadmium Red Light NEW! - Set C
  • Olive Green NEW! - Set C
  • Scarlet - Set A and B
  • Mars Brown - Set A
  • Ruby NEW! - Set C
  • Burnt Umber - Set A and B
  • Carmine (Hue) - Set A
  • Umber (Raw) - Set A
  • Madder Lake Red Light - Set A
  • Voronezhskaya Black - Set B and C
  • Rose - Set B
  • Sepia - Set A
  • Quinacridone Rose NEW! - Set C
  • Indigo NEW! - Set C
  • Claret NEW! - Set C
  • Payne's Gray NEW! - Set C
  • Quinacridone Lilac NEW! - Set C
  • Neutral Tint (Black) - Set A and B
  • Violet Rose - Set B
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