Wooden Stools & Rolling Stools

Wooden Stools & Rolling Stools Stools are the essential seating piece for an artist. While creating art for hours on end, the artist may find relief from standing for too long. However, when changing utensils, colors, etc., the artist can easily stand up and sit down without the constraints of most chairs. Whatever your artistic needs, Madison Art Shop presents this extensive selection of stools, including wooden stools, adjustable stools. Rolling stool selections, stool/table packages, portable stools and much, much more.

Madison Art Shop is your source for premium art furniture, supplies and accessories, including Wooden Stools & Rolling Stools & Easel Accessories, all at excellent prices and savings!
Our collection of stools is no exception. We only carry steel and wooden stools from leading manufacturers for unparalleled prices. Additionally, Madison Art Shop carefully hand-selects the products we offer based on expertise. Our seasoned artists know what is important when it comes to your seating, and they have specifically recommended the following items.

With such a dizzying array of stool, choosing the best product for your needs can seem like a challenge. Among our large selection, we offer the following:

• Wooden Stools – Valued for their polished appearance, wooden stools are the quintessential artist stool. Aesthetically pleasing, wooden stools are the ideal choice when appearance matters (for instance, if your studio is in your home). Our wooden stools are available in varying heights, and are among the sturdiest choice for an art stool.

• Basic Steel Stool – Like wooden stools, steel stools are sturdy and will last for a long time. They’re the basic choice for an artist who just needs some seating while working. Steel stools usually cost less than wooden stools, making them a more economical choice.

• Adjustable Stools – The ability to adjust your seating is an excellent feature, especially for artists whose works range in size. Without this feature, you may want to buy several stools with varying heights to ensure optimal comfort and workability. Adjustable stools are the versatile option and may be used with easels and desks alike.

• Rolling Stool – Like adjustable stools, a rolling stool provides versatility. Whether you need a rolling stool to get around a larger space or you want to be able to move around smaller spaces without getting up, it is a feature that makes long projects easier to manage because you won’t constantly be on and off your feet. Some rolling stool products are also adjustable for the ultimate in versatility.

• Packages – Madison Art Shop has several packages to choose from. Instead of purchasing your art furniture separately, you’ll save time and money by ordering it all in one easy package. This is great for beginning artists and for artists setting up a home studio. We have several stool and table packages available, and some packages with a table, stool and art taboret or storage unit of some kind.
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