A Stipula pen is a thing of beauty, not only with its old world artistry, but with the way it performs.  You shouldn't be surprised if the compliments are lavished on you because of your choice in owning a Stipula pen.

A Stipula pen comes in many styles and sizes, but all have one thing in common:  the dependability they provide, as well as the sleek style that puts other pens to shame.  It makes a bold statement and casual users marvel at its ease of use and smooth ink flow.  It always gives a clean, firm unbroken line and never skips. 

This pen makes a great gift because of its unique style that sets it apart from others and its performance will make you a fan for life.

A Stipula pen carries on the tradition of old world workmanship along with modern day convenience to produce a pen second to none.

Ever since the beginning of its history, Stipula has been exalting the pen pureness and the natural beauty of materials with the freshness of new ideas, the desire of new solutions, the overcoming of new limits.

Stipula has experimented with new forms, new mechanisms and contemporary manufacture techniques on the most classic materials available in nature.

This year at the Stationary show Stipula has been awarded the Best Pen, Technology (12th Annual Penworld Readers’ Choice Awards) with our DaVinci, since it represents the most intriguing new technology in...
As per your great request the new VENTIDUE will soon be available, with new bright colors and a 14k gold nib! Keep an eye out for it on the web-site ... it is a matter of days...
News about products, technologies and Stipula style.
This year at the Stationary show Stipula has been awarded the Best Pen, Technology (12th Annual Penworld Readers’ Choice Awards) with our DaVinci, since it represents the most intriguing new technology in the pen industry. Established in 1994, the Readers’ Choice Awards is the only awards program for the pen industry and is based on the votes of Pen World readers. We thank our estimators and promise them we will work hard to deserve their vote.
As per your great request the new VENTIDUE will soon be available, with new bright colors and a 14k gold nib!
Keep an eye out for it on the web-site ... it is a matter of days...
Stipula will take part in Paperworld in Frankfurt from January the 25th to the 29th. We look forward to your visit at boot 6.1 D.60!
Stipula's Raffaella will introduce Stipula collections at Fahrney's storein Washington D.C. from October 20th until October 22nd. The full collection will also be available for aficionados at Arthur Brown in New York City between October 26th and 28th .
You are warmly invited : don't miss an occasion for previewing and booking great novelties now in preparation!
This year Stipula will be at the Washington DC Fountain Pen Supershow, where we will be glad to show you the latest Stipula innovations
Innovation of beauty and practicality! By simply and elegantly turning the barrel a halfmoon in the front part opens and the 14K gold nib rears outward in writing position... with no need of a cap!
An easy illustration of how Netto works is available on line: visit and find it out!
On the occasion of the European Constitution signing, the Academia project has created Grande Europa. A special series has been offered to authorities of EU Member States.
Stipula is proud to introduce the new revolutionary system "brevettato" for a clean filling of your fountain pen till the last drop...
Have a look at our Netto!
Brunelleschi’s most famous masterpiece, the cupola of Florence Dome, comes to life once again in the fountain pen named after him, where the shape of the cap reproduces the characteristics of the cupola dividing the surface space into harmonious segments.

Who is Stipula?
Why Stipula?
When a pen comes to life
Stipula represents the best contemporary classic .
  • “Best” because we are focused on the needs of who loves writing instruments – creativity, innovation, uniqueness and quality.
  • “Classic” because our style is inspired by the Florentine tradition of craftsmanship and the principles of writing instruments tradition. The materials we use are the same used at the beginning of the 20th century; the filling systems are modern interpretations of old creations; for the designs we draw inspiration from models that belong to the fountain pen history .
  • “Contemporary” because we are a modern company and anyone visiting us perceives and breathes the freshness that pervades our work. We conciliate the traditional techniques of craftsmanship with up to date quality and efficiency and propose creative innovations in designs and internal mechanisms.
  • When Renzo Salvadori, Stipula’s founder, speaks about the relationship between contemporary and vintage in the company, he likes to use a metaphor: “Stipula has two souls: the grandchild soul and the grandfather one. The grandchild represents technology and is expressed by dynamism and an eagerness to look forward, but the grandfather, representing tradition, must temper the grandchild’s ebullience”.

    Elegant, essential and unostentatious: these are the main characteristics of pens within the Stipula Classica line. They are designed for people who enjoy writing with traditional and high-quality products; they are designed for people who love pens whose beauty goes beyond fashion and time. The Classica line features delicate and elegant forms, unpretentious and genuine. The materials are in accordance with those used traditionally with fountain pens: celluloid, ebonite, cellulose acetate and sterling silver. Uniquely handcrafted and finished, Stipula's Classica line also includes limited edition writing instruments. Each piece is hand-turned and individually numbered.

    Shipping: No Charge

    The New 22
    First Stipula presents to the in-built piston-filler fountain pen lovers the new version of the Ventidue which has been created as a result of the much appreciated advise of it’s dear public.
    New colors with a shining 14K gold nib entirely rhodium plated, the Ventidue loyally maintains its dimensions by keeping a slight reduction in size in respect to classic piston-filling fountain pens. This results in an extremely manageable and practical writing instrument also for those who are at their first experiences with fountain pens.
    The price range of this new series is largely accessible to the general public, and in addition, the 2 fabulous new colors are also able to satisfy the most sophisticated of tastes: Blueberry and Raspberry.
    The new collection makes way for an important area in the range of Stipula products because of it’s colourful character, modern design, and continued dedication to the principles of Florentine hand-craft tradition.
    The nib in 14kt gold brings forth and brilliance and freshness to the Ventidue fountain pen, and it is available in Extrafine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Italic 0.9, Italic 1.1 sizes for every type of writing.

    Novecento Elettra
    Modern, vibrant, and electric: the new Novecento Elettra is the latest addition to the Novecento collection. Stipula’s Novecento collection was created in 1993 to satisfy the desire for the classic yet modern style so expressed by fine writing instrument collectors.
    Inspired by the jewelled sapphire gems used so frequently in the treasures of the Medici family displayed in the numerous museums of Florence, the Elettra is created from the Sapphire acetate cellulose while the clip and the ring at the base of the barrel frame this jewel in solid sterling silver.
    The Novecento Elettra is available in both fountain pen and roller versions, and all the pieces are singularly numbered in an unlimited edition.
    The fountain pen model is doted with a 14K gold rhodium-tipped nib, equipped with cartridge-converter as filling system, and is available in Extrafine (EF), Fine (F), Medium (M), Broad (B), Italic 0.9, and Italic 1.1.

    Etruria Collection 2006
    Etruria is the pen collection historically most representative of Stipula: revoking the beautiful colors and sophisticated decoration embedded in it’s Tuscan roots, or the region also known as “ Etruria ” during ancient times.
    Today, in 2006, Etruria has returned to its original vintage metal cast trim made completely from sterling silver and vermeil.
    The new Etruria Collection 2006 features three un-limited models, all individually numbered. The Amber, Black, and Alter Ego models offer a fountain pen with two filling systems: in-built piston adorned with a 18K gold two-toned nib (available in ExtraFine (EF), Fine (F), Medium (M), Broad (B), Oblique Broad (OB), Oblique Extra Broad (OBB), Italic 0.9, Italic 1.1, Italic 1.3, and the Special 52 degrees); cartridge/converter adorned with a 14K gold nib (available in Fine (F), Medium (M), Broad (B), Italic 0.9, and Italic 1.1). These series are also available in a capped roller-ball and twist versions.
    In every collection, there is always the special, limited series that demands to be noticed and spoken about--- in the Etruria Collection 2006, this series is the Etruria Volterra. In a captivating combination of the orange, sunset red, and forest green marbled hues of the celluloid barrel and cap, complemented by the warm gold tones of the vermeil clip and band, the limited edition of 193 total pieces are available in either fountain pen or capped rollerball. The fountain pen has a cartridge/converter filling system with a 18K gold two-toned nib.
    Etruria Piston 18K FP
    Etruria C/C 14K FP
    Etruria RB
    Etruria Twist
    Etruria Volterra FP
    Etruria Volterra RB

    DaVinci – La battaglia di Anghiari
    Inventions are the offspring of man; and Leonardo da Vinci is the father of these genialities. Creativity, discovery and innovation were his vows and that’s why Stipula’s new creation has been given the name and the honor of being called DaVinci after the great master, himself, who continues to inspire creative minds still today.
    But creativity and innovation must sometimes face difficulties and failures, which are necessary steps to success. Leonardo da Vinci was asked to celebrate the battle of Anghiari, won in 1440 by Florence against Milan, with a magnificent fresco in Palazzo Vecchio. He decided to experiment a new painting process, requiring a quick dry of the colour. He lifted huge fires directly in front of fresco, but the intense excessive heat melted the colour and nothing remained of it.
    The red/black ebonite of Davinci Battaglia di Anghiari recalls the fires lit by Leonardo, and its striped-motif reminds of the melting paint, dripping unrelenting down the wall. The DaVinci Battaglia di Anghiari features the renowned Stipula patented mechanism already in the DaVinci collection: the mechanism takes flight by simply and elegantly turning the barrel and gracefully propels the nib outward in writing position, with no need of a cap!
    DaVinci Battaglia di Anghiari is limited to 193 pieces worldwide and operates by the cartridge/converter filling system. The barrel is engraved with the signature of Leonardo da Vinci true to his distinctively unique style of writing in reverse. The 14K gold nib can be chosen among the following widths: Extrafine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Italic 0.9 and Italic 1.1.


    For the occasion of the five-hundredth anniversary of the foundation of the Saint Peter’s Basilica, Stipula and Stelle dell’Orsa have created a collector’s fountain pen inspired by the twisting bronze columns of the Baldacchino (canopy), that Bernini created as the focal point of the Basilica, positioning it exactly above the Prince of the Apostles’ sepulchre. Thus, the design of the fountain pen echoes the column’s spiral motif and the olive branch ornamentation -- symbols of peace and the rebirth of life. The material of the canopy has also been adopted by the fountain pen, and therefore, the entire body of the writing instrument is crafted in bronze.
    After the engraving has been completed, the base of the decoration is protected with wax so that the intense and brilliant color of the bronze remains while the rest of the object is patinated and glazed in a special bath, which a typical process performed on other sculptural artworks.
    Rose gold completes the harmony of the art work in the composition of the clip, the Stipula 18k gold nib (available in Extrafine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Oblique Broad, Oblique Extra Broad, Italic 0.9, Italic 1.1, Italic 1.3, Special 52 degrees), and the narrow band engraved with the words of Christ “TV ES PETRVS” (“Thou art Peter” … “and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew, 16,18-19). Adorning the rose gold clip, a natural 10 points of a carat ruby, a distinctive symbol of the high ecclesiastical hierarchy.
    The mechanics is of the highest level of engineering, with a permanent reservoir that can be filled by the inbuilt piston, that works by external screws. At the top of the cap, which can also be inserted onto the end piece, the official emblem of the Jubileum of the Basilica has been engraved.
    Created in limited edition of 500 individually numbered pieces for the entire world, the pen is presented in a precious white leather chest lined in red velvet pressed with the emblem of the Jubileum, Stipula, and Stelle dell’Orsa.

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