little brian Paint Sticks (Bundle of 12 stick assorted, 12 stick metallic and 6 stick day glow)

little brian Paint Sticks (Bundle of 12 stick assorted, 12 stick metallic and 6 stick day glow) - Click to enlarge
little brian Paint Sticks (Bundle of 12 stick assorted, 12 stick metallic and 6 stick day glow)

This Bundle includes:
  • 12 Pack Original
  • 12 Pack Metallic
  • 6 Pack Day Glow
If you're looking for something fun to do with your child, or with your neighborhood play group for a fun time, look no further than Little Brian's paint sticks. They are available to make sure that you have something fun to play with in your free time, and they have received a lot of rave reviews and write-ups from parents and children alike, so be sure that you buy some soon. You can find the perfect blend of colors for your awesome family fun time, and you'll appreciate that these paint sticks are the simplest to use, and some of the best toys you can find are available to you right here.

These paint sticks are fun to play with, and they do not leave a mess. They are the best toy for those who love arts and crafts, too. You can take them anywhere, so be sure you take them on your latest adventure to make sure the kids stay entertained and have a fun time. They are small, and they can fit in mom's pocketbook, too, or in an art bag that you've created to bring along on your latest adventure.

There are different types of paint sticks available from Little Brian. You'll love all the colors you can find, including Day Glow and Metallic paint sticks to make sure you have the best time ever. If you're looking for your work to be a crowd-pleaser, you'll love how shiny these paint sticks from Little Brian are. They're sure to create hours of fun for both you and your kids, and you'll appreciate how simple they are to use, and the wide variety of colors is just perfect for your family fun time.

If you want to encourage your child's artistic skills, these paint sticks are the best things on the market to find to do so with.

They work by being water soluble, and you twist the paint stick up and down, using it just like an old-fashioned glue stick. You NEVER have to use water or brushes with these paint sticks, for they are easy to use on their own, and we know you don't want to leave a mess. You can also buy these paint sticks in many different colors, and you're sure to love how strong and vibrant the colors are, making sure to give you the pizzazz you've been looking for. You can also be assured that the paint sticks are able to be used with water, making a beautiful "wash" effect, and making the blend of artwork that you or your child can create a perfect masterpiece. You're sure to appreciate how easy they are to clean up, also.

One other way you can use paint sticks (and they are so EASY to clean up) is on windows! You can let your children paint on windows in your home or car, and the paint will always come off easily, for the paint sticks are perfectly water soluble. So, buy some today. Don't wait.
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