Kopykake Kobra K5000 Artist Opaque Projector

Kopykake Kobra K5000 Artist Opaque Projector - Click to enlarge
This versatile full-page overhead drawing projector allows you to enlarge and trace images up to 300% or shrink them to 50% and even works with some  3D objects.
Item Code: KK5000

List $550.00
Sale-Price: $399.99
You Save: $150.01 (27%)

Product Description:

Kopykake Kobra K5000 Artist Opaque Projector Professional artists and illustrators will love this projector for capturing the fine details of images from books and magazines eliminating the painstaking task of replicating the details, leaving them free to use their artistic talents to create a new masterpiece.

The Kobra overhead drawing projector also projects horizontally allowing you to project images on the wall up to 20 times the original size for creating murals, but is ideally recommended as an overhead projector for drawing.

It takes a full page 8˝" x 11" original maximum and some 3-d objects, for projection.

With two bulbs and three lenses, the Kobra projector produces clear, detailed images suitable for professional artists and illustrators, but its ease of use makes it a valuable tool for aspiring artists and hobbyists.

This drawing projector opens a world of possibilities when creating works from book covers and images when the primary focus is creating new works that celebrate the artist’s unique style and presentation. Even Da Vinci took advantage of this technique with a prototype called the “camera obscura" to create many of his paintings

The projector measures 27 inches from the arm to the center of the lens and weighs 25 pounds.

It requires Flat-Rate Oversize Shipping of $45 and is fully insured.
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4.6 out of 5, Based on 26 Reviews.
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Better than expected
October 17, 2016

Excellent product performs better than expected. Following the instructions will avoid disappointment. Only critique would be the housing(box)could be lengthened. Otherwise,this is a must have item for any serious artist.
August 02, 2015

Dear M.A.,

I read the reviews... to focus the projector you have to move the original in two directions:

- horizontally by moving the "back" of the projector

- vertically by moving the projector box up and down

This obviously is not intuitive... what is a superb product (I had one for several years but became separated from it. I now have a K300 which I have yet to test but have hopes it will work great for me.

thank you for your time,
rowan sherwood
Nothing is sharp
January 25, 2015

I'm astonished at all the good reviews because every projection is blurry. I can't get any image in focus enough for detail work even in a dark room. It's big, awkward and damages the table it is clamped to. I could live with that if the images were clear.
New Windsor, NY
October 28, 2014

I am amazed at the speed of delivery; I ordered the projector on a Monday morning and received it the very next day. It was packaged well; no damage. UnclearThe instructs were clear; no major assembly difficulty.
Tustin, CA
August 21, 2014

AN excellent product! The price was competitive, the delivery time was short, & it operated as advertised. I suggest lubricating the tray slides as this facilitates focus accuracy.
Hensley Arkansas
April 08, 2014

Very positive experience the KopyKake is exactly what I was looking for. I received it when they said I would fast safe delivery. I had questions when I was setting it up called a tech at the 1-800 number on the directions page and he answered my questions had to call twice and were very nice and helpful. I would order from there again in future. Very satisified custumer.
January 19, 2014

Melbourne, FL
June 03, 2013

heavy cumbersome and not smooth to focus.
Crystal Lake IL
May 17, 2013

Although it looks like your 1960s grade school opaque projector, it does the job well. I use it on a cart to project on the wall and I am impressed with the tight image it holds. I wish I could move the original paper image, while it is projecting, but it is within the light box. Money well spent!!!
Fountain, CO
May 13, 2013

An awesome machine at the lowest price I could find anywhere. I am happy... I was also happy with the quick delivery time. I will definitely shop with Madison in the future.
Boone NC
April 28, 2013

I bought one and it is horrible to work with. If I do not have a 8 1/2 X11 photo to put in it then I cant get it to work where it is a little clear. And even if I get it in and it is clear I cannot enlarge it because it gets fuzzy and disappears. Does anyone know how to enlarge and focus this thing? I am so disappointed.
March 14, 2013

Excellent Service, Good Communication. Item was shipped and delivered as promised. The K500 was easy to assemble and works as advertised. The only suggestion I would make, is to work in a dark room to see your picture accurately.
March 14, 2013

December 28, 2012

I purchased the projector Kobra K5000 just before... and got it really quick.. It was easy to put together and I love using it... In fact, I recommended it to my friend and she got one too... Very pleased in the projector... I have also purchased other items from Madison Art Shop and will check with them on each purchase in the future... The prices are so reasonable...
West River, MD
December 21, 2012

Does as advertised and for the best price I could find. I Hope to get many years of use.
P.S. I would definitely buy from Madison Art Shop again. Good price and prompt service.
Welches, Oregon
September 18, 2012

Item recieved with apparently all parts intact; however, no
setup instructions, parts inventory or usage instructions.
When, and if, these arrive I trust the product will live up to expectations.
clinton, nj
February 29, 2012

the cobra is just what i was looking for . . . i think i used something similar years ago and we called it a Lucy . . . i was getting a bad image and then i read the directions!! and peeled off the blue protective sheet on the mirror . . . i got what i was looking for . . a nice sharp clear image . . . The service from Madison was fantastic. The packing was fine and it arrived speedy speedy fast! I am very happy with this purchase and glad there was plenty of info on their website to shop and compare what would be best for my needs.
Sebring FL
February 16, 2012

This projector allows one to use the largest photo image of any projector that I'm aware of and probably projects the brightest image. That being said, the incadescent bulbs get hot. The fan helps but unfortunately there is not a separate switch for the fan and light. Turning the light off, turns the fan off. If the fan could be controlled separately, one could use the projector for several minutes and then turn off the light and let the fan cool down the unit and then switch the light back on again.
I use the projector for artwork on canvas. It will project horizontally by laying the projector on its side, but there is no lens adjustment. You have to move the canvas in or out to arrive at the proper size image and then focus by sliding the projected image back and forth inside the projector. Unless you're projecting a very large image, the distance between the projector and canvas is limited so it can be difficult to work in such a confined space.
Although you can see an image in a partially lit room, a dark room is necessary to get full color.
Madison sells this projector far cheaper than anyone else. Why pay more? Mine was shipped the day after they received my order. It serves my purpose although it could be improved upon for horizontal projecting.
Shelbyville, KY
January 26, 2012

I absolutely love my Kobra K5000; it works exactly as advertised....AND I can use it in the daylight. I couldn't believe it when I tried using it in daylight, and actually captured details. The directions were easy --my husband set it up. The projector arrived so fast after I ordered it, I thought it must have been another delivery instead. Love it, love it!
Nelson, PA
November 18, 2011

Very happy with this purchase. It was exactly as advertised, the price was the best I could find on the internet, and it was shipped very quickly. It works very well - it does help to use in the dark. Using it during the day, I put black foam panels on the sides to block the natural light. I am very satisfied with this purchase.Thank you.
Los Angeles CA
April 02, 2011

Perfect Item at a Perfect Price from an Awesome Retailer. Does life get any better?
Tomah, WI
March 05, 2011

Delivery was extremely fast. The K5000 works as advertised. Will do business with Madison Art Shop in the future. Very pleased with service and quality of product.
Victorville, Ca.
January 28, 2011

Couldn't believe the fast delivery! Exactly as described. Great savings! Will buy from this company anytime.
Tucson, AZ
September 14, 2010

I love the Internet! Where else can someone from the state of Arizona (may I see your immigration papers please?) find a great product like the Kopykake Kobra K5000 in New Jersey at such a great price! The only rub is I had to leave a telephone message with Madison to confirm whether the product was shipped due to my on-line order falling over a holiday, but Madison called me back on a SUNDAY to confirm shipment! Got the product on the predicted day! Great service! Set up the K5000 and the clarity of the projection is excellent. Great product-can't wait to use it. I am very happy!
Royersford, Pennsylvania
August 01, 2010

This product is EXACTLY what I needed! The price at Madison was by far the best -- beating out countless internet sites! One of it's best features is that it can reproduce from images as large as 8"x10". I just finished an illustration of John Mayer and next on the list is Chris Noth (Mr. Big), Jennifer Aniston and Lady Gaga. This list is growing and I couldn't be happier! Thank you for offering this product at such a great price!!!
Gilmanton, NH
February 18, 2007

Quality item. Kept in touch via email until product was delivered. Very pleased with purchase and with Madison Art Shop and would definitely shop with them again.

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