Kopykake KopyRite KR100 Artist Opaque Projector

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 KR100-B Kopyrite Projector with BASEBOARD
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 With Reduction Lens #RD300(+$19.99)

Product Description:
Holds books too to project from!

The Kopykake KopyRite KR100 features a slant on top and is the preferred opaque projector for artists. The unique design projects a book without the presenter holding up the other side. Projecting up to 6” x 6”, the KopyRite KR100 offers bright illumination with a 300-watt lamp.  

  • Quality device for efficient graphic design
  • Easy pivoting for versatile projection
  • Comes with a bulb and includes a spare
  • Choice of table clamp or baseboard
  • 9 lbs.
  • Horizontally (projecting onto a wall), it enlarges original images up to 25 times! (It takes a 6-inch x 6-inch original and enlarges it up to 12.5-feet x 12.5-feet!)
  • Vertically (as an overhead projector down onto a table) it enlarges originals up to 4 times (400%) and reduces to 70%

The Kopykake KR100 projects vertically to a table or ceiling and horizontally to display on canvases, walls, or easels. This model guarantees lasting use with a manufacturer’s 5-year warranty. The functions are easy to use and the projector is extra durable with options for a baseboard or clamp.

With Slanted-Top feature, perfect for hanging books over. The side of the book that you want to project goes on the screen, while the other side of the book hangs over. The slant keeps it from falling off. Really helps dealing with that book-spine!

The KopyRite KR100 from Kopykake is a high quality, stable, and versatile opaque projector for all beginner, amateur, and professional artists.

Here are 2 workarounds to increase vertical enlargement even more;
1) One can use the same extension tube used for the 300XK. It has to be installed with the smaller tapered end up. The straight end goes into the lower post and the upper post will slide over the tapered end. This will allow the projector head to be moved higher above the baseboard, increasing the image size. Part # is 03042 TUBE - 300XK UPPER / EXTENSION.
2) Another option would be to get the table clamp and clamp the standard post to a table with the projector head out over the floor. The image can be projected onto the floor or a lower flat surface.

The total oversize shipping cost for the KopyRite KR100 is a flat fee of $27.50.

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March 29, 2016

Set up my opaque projector and it works great....very pleased with the product. I bought less expensive ones thru the years and they were a complete disappointment. Your projector gives a clean image and allows me to enlarge it. Thank you for inquiring with regard to my purchase.
June 16, 2014

This projector is great! Easy to operate and assemble. I put it on a small table but learned that I needed to clamp the back of the base to the table because the "projector head" is quite top heavy! Arrived quickly. Price is just right. Thanks Madison!
June 03, 2014

Received on time and in perfect condition.
Was very easy to assemble.
Would purchase again from this site.
North Carolina
February 27, 2013

I am having a lot of success with this product. It is easy to load the pictures in the slanted top. I love the ability to use a book if needed and also to tilt the artwork to the table, wall or ceiling! So versatile. Madison is very professional. Great price and fast delivery. Thank you!
December 17, 2011

This product is great ! I have bought and returned 2 such projectors in other brands that were worthless. The detail and color is amazing. Thank you Madison Art your pricing was the best saving me almost a hundred dollars from the first site I saw this product. Shipping was awsome also Thank you very much.
March 22, 2010

KOPYRITE KR100 PROJECTOR Artist Opaque Projector This projector can hold an open book! (You can put in one side of the book and the other side hangs over and is held in place. Easy to deal with book’s spine.)
  • An indispensable graphic design tool.
  • Pivots easily to project horizontally onto a wall or a canvas on an easel, or vertically down onto a drawing tanble or even up to a ceiling!
  • Illumination: 300-watt photo-lamp
  • Max image size: 6” x 6”
  • Maximum enlargements: 400% or
  • Maximun Reductions: 70%
  • Choice of baseboard (14” x 20”) or table-clamp.
  • Wt: 15 lbs.
    Comes with 2 bulbs (1 spare bulb)

    5-year manufacturer's warranty included FREE!

    Excellent quality projections with details!

    {Oversize Shipping: $27.50}

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