Klopfenstein Easels Steel Art Equipment

An easel is a basic, yet important piece of equipment that needs to be easy to use for today's   working artist.  It's design has to serve the artist well, and Klopfenstein easels fit the bill.  They offer these two components, along with steel construction and a simple, adjustable design. No more movement or wobbling while trying to work on the artist's current project. 

These quality easels are manufactured in the USA, and are not mass produced.  The Klopfenstein company of  Lexington, Ohio has listened to the needs of its customers and continues to design easels that are user friendly and extremely well made.  Glowing reviews from former customers prove that point.

With a comfortable easel on which to work, only the best art can result and that's the goal of any artist.

Klopfenstein will repair or replace, at its option, any of its art equipment products that fail due to defects in materials or workmanship for the life of the product.
This warranty does not cover damages or defects under any of the following conditions: obvious abuse or neglect, normal wear and tear, products which have been modified or altered in any way by the customer or any party other than the manufacturer, namely, Klopfenstein Art Equipment, Inc., or products which have been used for other than their intended purpose.

Klopfenstien easels are made of steel and will prevent your artwork from being compromised due to it's fine yet durable construction.

Customer Value — the American Made “Klopfenstein” Advantage.

Focusing solely on the needs of art professionals and students, Klopfenstein Art Equipment designs, develops, and manufactures premium quality welded steel studio equipment for all painting and drawing applications. Klopfenstein art equipment and attachable accessories are unmatched in simplicity, adjustability, versatility and durability.

Klopfenstein equipment is carefully machine and hand crafted of steel for extreme rigidity and stability. Virtually indestructible, Klopfenstein welded steel equipment uses tubing up to 3 times the thickness of competitor’s brands for unyielding strength and durability. Simple, secure adjustments handle most any painting size or position for ultra versatility. And, a lifetime of trouble-free performance results in a far lower total cost of ownership, than ultimately budget devouring “economy” priced equipment that too often ends up needing frequent repair — or worse, premature and total replacement.

Every Klopfenstein product is manufactured entirely in the Klopfenstein USA shop. Klopfenstein does all of the forming, shearing, punching, welding, painting and assembly right here in Lexington, Ohio. They believe this is the best way to control quality and build art equipment products that consistently exceed customers’ expectations of performance and durability.

Klopfenstein product designs, and ongoing improvements are uniquely customer inspired.

* * *

Customer Feedback:
(Take a look at the last comment; strange but true!)

“We have purchased over 30 easels from you and our students and professors say they’re the best we’ve had. They are fighting over who gets to use them, so we are looking at purchasing 15 more!” (Art Prof.)

“Your easels are the best, much better than wood ones. They don’t move, wobble or twist.” (Art Illustrator)

“I am a professor at ______ University and we have about 25 of your easels.
They are very well built. I would like to buy one for my wife. Its nice to see things like this are still made, and still made in the USA!” (Art Prof.)

“We recently ordered an Art Horse and an Art Table. Now that we have had input from our faculty we would like a quote from you for 20 more Art Tables.
You were right, we did like your product!” (Art Dept. Head)

“Last year I purchased 19 Collegiate easels for one of our drawing studios.
Experience has proven them ideal! They are simple in construction, fold easily for storage or transport, and are stable even in supporting vigorous drawing processes.” (Art Prof.)

“Our wonderful easels have been happily in use for a year to great accolades by our students.” (Art School Executive Director)

“I used your easels in painting and drawing classes at ——-Univ. and am investing
in a KS100 of my own. Worth it even on a student budget.“ (Student)

Caller: “I’ve had one of your Professional easels for years, and love it, but I have a problem.”
Jeff: “Is it not working right?”
Caller: “No, its fine...but I had it in the garage and accidently ran over it with my truck and…”
Jeff: “That explains the problem. You need another easel…”
Caller: “No, this one’s fine.
The only thing that broke was one handle. Can I get a replacement handle from you?”
Jeff: “That’s it? One handle?”
Caller: “Yes, one handle.”
Jeff: No problem, we’ll send a handle. How’s the truck?”
Caller: “Scratched up a little but OK, once I got it untangled from the easel. You guys really build your stuff to last. Thanks for a great product!” (Satisfied Customer)

* * *

Klopfenstein strong welded steel art equipment was conceived and designed in conjunction with art professors and students at a major state university. Rigid designs effectively eliminate wobble, twisting and tipping. Quick, secure adjustments easily handle most any painting size or position. Rugged construction makes it last!

Klopfenstein high quality easels were designed and engineered especially for
classroom and studio use. They are built to be simple, versatile and long
lasting under hard, everyday use. These qualities have made "Klopfenstein"
the choice of leading art schools and pofessionals for fifty years.

Focusing on the needs of art professionals and students, Klopfenstein Art Equipment manufactures premium quality steel art easels, art tables, art horses and potter's treadle wheels.

“We have purchased over 30 easels from you and our students and professors say they're the best we've had. They are fighting over who gets to use them, so we are looking at purchasing about 15 more.”
- (M.B. university art dept., TX)
“Your easels are the best, much better than wood ones. They don't move, wobble or twist.”
- (H.H. illustrator, WI)
“I purchased 10 of your wheels in 1977. . . I wish to inform you that all 10 are still pumping out pottery at the high school level. Congratulations on a quality product.”
- (J.O., art teacher, MI)
“. . . Have looked at easels in art stores around the country, and have yet to find one that does what your does.”
- (A.T., NE)
“I've owned one of your Professional model easels for about 15 years and I think it's the best around.”
- (M.M. university art professor, IL)
“Following several years good experience with your wheels here at our school, I would like to order one for my own studio.”
- (C.R., college art professor)
“We have one of your wheels and I think it is the best of the 3 wheels we have.”
- (T.P. Arts & Crafts Dir.)


The original Klopfenstein line, consisting of the Professional model easel (PE100), the Studio model easel (originally the SE100, now re-designated as the KS100) and the Klopfenstein Potter’s Wheel (PW100) was developed in the 50’s by Bill and Jim Klopfenstein. Bill and Jim held advanced degrees in art and design from Ohio State Univ. and later became art teachers at the local high school. While students at OSU they developed the original products in their father’s machine shop and tried them out on the art professors and students at OSU, revising and refining them until they were satisfied with their work. They never advertised their products; and for over 40 years relied on “word of mouth” as their sole means of marketing. They built about one hundred easels per year. The business was a “hobby” that made the brothers some extra money. By 1999, having already retired from teaching, the brothers were ready to sell the business. I had recently sold my plastic fabricating and POP business and was ready for a new challenge. I purchased the company in December of 1999 and started developing new products and a marketing program.

Klopfenstein is a heavy duty, all welded line built for simplicity, versatility and durability. Klopfenstein products are loaded with innovative features such as the auto-locking canvas trays on the PE100 and KS100. The line is a favorite with school art departments and serious artists who want long lasting quality. Over the years we’ve added to the original line; we now offer 3 easels, a 2-way art pony for seated or standing work, an art horse with a telescoping and pivoting top for seated or standing work, an art table with telescoping and pivoting top in 2 top sizes, a 2 person taboret with large lockable drawers designed especially for school use, easel tray and tilt arm accessories, and an art pony tilt arm accessory. We’ve also recently created a custom, pivoting wall mount easel for very large work and are evaluating it as a potential new product in the future.
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