Collage refers to any form of art that involves gluing or pasting something onto another thing or a base surface. It comes from the French word coller, which means to "glue" - which should indicate that this art form did, indeed, originate in France, becoming famous after the work of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque in twentieth century Paris. This section includes items needed to make collage, such as knifes, knife guides, glues, gloss and matte mediums, gesso, craft paper and scratch boards. It also contains origami paper and patterns. If you are looking to follow in the footsteps of the French collage experts, you will find everything you need here, from glitter glue to hobby tables.

If making a collage, check out what we have for you on this page.

- Gloss Medium & Varnish
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- Fadeless Sheets
- Art Tissue
- Paper Cement
- Origami
- X-acto Knives
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