Since 1921, artists of all types have used BEST-TEST WHITE RUBBER Paper Cement to perfect their projects. Only BEST-TEST offers the highest versatility, quality, and freedom of movement needed for fine art and graphic design. Join the legion of successful artists by choosing BEST-TEST WHITE RUBBER Paper Cement for professional, quality results.
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BEST-TEST WHITE RUBBER Paper Cement 8 FL OZ. 236 ml

WHITE RUBBER Paper Cement by BEST-TEST is a unique adhesive that is ideal for use by artists of all skill levels. Made from actual rubber, this naturally derived adhesive will not stain or damage paper. Once set, BEST-TEST will not wrinkle, curl, shrink, or stain your project. BEST-TEST can be used to adhere:
- Paper
- Styrofoam
- Foam
- Foam Board

This White Rubber Paper Cement has the unique ability of offering three different levels of adhesion in one product.
1.    The first level of adhesion occurs when used wet, and applied to only one surface of the project. When used wet and joined immediately, the cement retains some ability to be moved and aligned. However, this level of adhesion is not permanent. This is very useful in the design stage of a project, as an item can be adhered and then removed without damaging the paper. Any residue of the cement can be easily rubbed away without staining or damaging the material.
2.    The second level of adhesion occurs when one surface has been covered with the cement and allowed to dry. Then, the other surface is covered with wet cement, and the two sides are joined immediately. This allows for some level of flexibility in alignment, but will provide a more permanent bond than only wet cement.
3.    For permanent adhesion, both surfaces are coated with cement and allowed to dry. Then they are brought together, which forms an immediate and permanent bond. A slip-sheet can be used for tricky alignment situations. Dried cement will not stick to clean paper.

Best-Test Paper Cement
RUBBER PAPER CEMENT 8 OZ by Best-Test, a Speedball company
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Superior Rubber Cemenmt
New City, NY
February 03, 2017

I have used this product for many years. It is vastly superior to anything else called rubber cement. It is easy to work with and cleaning up any excess is never a problem.

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