Best Heavy-Duty CROSS BRACES

BEST Heavy-Duty CROSS BRACES by Jack Richeson & The BEST Easel Company.
The tension on stretched canvas bars is actually more than the tension on the studs of an entire house frame! We recommend Cross Braces for every 2 feet.
Our Cross Braces can be customized with notches for crosshatching. In the comment box at checkout, please describe to us how and where you would like the notches. Otherwise, we will try to pre-notch them for you in the presumed logical proper places based on the number of cross braces ordered. The cost of factory pre-notching is included in the price of the Cross Brace.

(What is a notch? Where the cross braces meet, they are joined together by having notches cut out of the woods enabling a fitted joining.) Cross-Braces ordered should be the same size as the stretcher bars - We take into account the frames width!
For example, if you have 96" stretcher bars then you would need 96" Cross braces.
e.g. A 96" x 48" frame would need 1 96" cross-braces and 3 48" cross-braces (3 to run 48" and 1 to run 96")

Heavy-Duty Cross-braces should be used for Heavy-Duty Stretcher-bars, whereas Medium-Duty cross-braces should be used for Medium-Duty stretcher-bars. (They are sized to match with taking the thickness of each respective bar into account.)

We can custom cut the length of your Cross Braces (e.g. to 28-1/4".) Just choose a brace 4" longer than your custom size, then write in the comment box at checkout the length that you need. An additional $6 per bar will be applied for the customized sizing.
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