As a child, when you are interested in drawing and painting, you don’t choose your material and tools wisely. They’re not important to you at that age. However, as you grow old and decide to pursue art as a serious hobby or even a career, these things become important in order to create quality artwork.

Artists need a wide range of art supplies in order to truly fulfill their craft. As a newbie artist, you will be overwhelmed at all of the various types of supplies that are available for your choosing. This is true whether you are stepping into the art of acrylic painting, drawing and illustration or oil painting.

Madison Art Shop strives to make things easy for all beginner artists by compiling all of the best supplies for beginners into one page. These supplies are of the very highest quality and will help ensure you have everything that you need to get serious about whatever type of art you are pursuing.

These beginner artist supplies will make it easy for anyone interested to begin exploring the exciting work of art.



I am shopping for my dad who is 60 years old and looking to pick up oil painting as a hobby. He has liked it in the past but it has been many many years. My brother and I want to get him some start up supplies, including an easel. I don't know much about oil painting but we'd like to get him an easel, one good for oil painting of course and that is pretty good quality to last him but within reason. Other supplies you recommend to get started?

Thanks so much,

Stephanie W.
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Hello Stephanie,

I would suggest a Dulce Easel. It is very popular and at a great sale price.

For oil paints, we recommend this set of 20 colors:
and palette paper:

As for brushes, this is good:

For brush cleaner and thinner:

And take 2 or 3 16"x20" canvases
Or any other size you think he would like

I think he would also enjoy these excellent instructional DVDs by Master Artist Daniel Greene


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