Schoenhut® CHILDREN'S PIANOS & Other Musical Instruments

Schoenhut toy pianos have been a family-favorite since 1872, when toy-making pioneer Albert Schoenhut founded the company. Schoenhut pianos have proven their durability and magnificent tonal qualities for decades, making them the perfect musical and educational toy for young pianists. With accurate piano key width and the company's patented Learning System, Schoenhut teaches proper finger placement and educates children through fun, engaging methods. The pianos also come with adjustable color strips to guide fingers through song playing. 

Beyond Schoenhut's appeal to young and budding musicians, the pianos are highly renowned among adults and professional pianists. Pianist John Cage even composed "Suite for Toy Piano," specifically written to be played on the miniature toy wonders. Schoenhut pianos have won numerous awards, have been featured in art galleries and museums, and have consistently upheld a flawless reputation. Schoenhut pianos have reported zero safety issues, are made by hand, and always promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Schoenhut pianos are more than just musical toys, they are finely crafted, educational instruments for the eager, young pianist. Children can explore their magical, budding talent with the fine-tuned keys and lasting quality of a Schoenhut toy piano. 

These are specialty items. Real miniaturized Pianos and other Musical Instruments with true professional sound. However, buit in children sizes, so your toddler or child can reach the keys. Think Schroeder from Charlie Brown's Peanuts! Amazing!. (Not Art Supplies)