Schoenhut Drums - Tunable Drum

Schoenhut Drums - Tunable Drum
Rhythm is the basic building block upon which all music is made. The tunable compact Schoenhut drum will appeal to even the youngest child's innate sense of rhythm and let him take charge of making his own creative brand of music.
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Making music will come easily to any toddler when he has the Schoenhut Tunable drum. Drumming comes packed full with side benefits. It appeals to every child's innate sense of rhythm, while developing his listening skills. Like all forms of music-making, playing and sharing one's own musical creations leads to improved self-confidence and discipline. Rare is the child who doesn't love making his own music at an early age and the Schoenhut drum's compact design makes it an ideal first musical instrument. Tunable to let the young musician add versatility to his creations, this musical instrument is recommended for children age three and above.

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