Schoenhut Children's 6 String Guitar (metal strings)

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If a child is to aspire towards a lifetime dedication to playing music, his first instrument shold be one of quality.The handcrafted Schoenhut 30-inch 8-string acoustic metal guitar is just that imstrument, and it comes with an affordable price tag.
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The Schoenhut 6-string metal  guitar is the perfect beginner instrument. New players will take pride in bringing the  handcrafted acoustic to guitar class or private studio lessons, and who knows, maybe a garage band down the road. Not only is this high gloss wood lacquer beauty easy to manipulate,  but it also lends itself to great sound. Giving a child a quality Schoenhut guitar at the outset of musical study will set the foundation for an appreciation of fine well-cared for musical instruments. Appropriate for ages four and beyond, the 30-inch  tunable Schoenhut comes complete with carrying case, a pick, tuning pegs, and extra string.  It should be noted that due to its dimensions, an oversize shipping charge of $15.85 will be applied.

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New York, Ny
July 19, 2013

Guitar came with a crack in the neck portion of the Guitar. Seems like it was used. Also the zipper came off the case and the case completely ripped.
November 09, 2011