Schoenhut Baby Grand Pianos - 37 Key Elite Baby Grand

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(Black color is on back-order. Estimated ship date: April 1st '15.) Make your child a professional musician today with Schoenhut's 37 Key Baby Grand piano.
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(Black color is on back-order. Estimated ship date: April 1st '15.)

A discipline sure to stay with a child for the rest of their lives can be found in music. Whether it’s learning and listening to various styles or having the experience of holding real instruments, the lessons learned in art appreciation will help to shape the future outlook of your young ones. And there’s a great way of getting this discipline into the hands of the youth. Schoenhut, a crafter of children's instruments, produces Baby Grand Pianos with a particular model holding 37 keys—including an open cavity for volume. The 37 Key Elite Baby Grand comes in two standard piano colors: white or black. Keep in mind that this keyboard is half an adult’s-size board and is specifically designed for ages three to nine. Be sure to also acknowledge the quality of this instrument, and help your children take care of it as a treasured item. It’s frame, legs and back are made from strong, choice wood that will last for centuries. It was not made to just be a toy for children, you see. Notes on the piano are well tuned and ring with perfect intonation that parallels with all professional standards. Therefore, the 37 Key Elite Baby Grand is a perfect learning instrument and a great piece of sturdy, classical furniture. Additionally, this fine instrument is packaged with Schoenhut’s very own Learning System. The Learning System teaches piano through a color scheme method where music is performed by matching colors on paper with those on keys. It is a great tool for learning the basics of music and piano.

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December 07, 2013