Schoenhut Tabletop Pianos - 25 Key My First Piano II

Schoenhut Tabletop Pianos - 25 Key My First Piano II - Click to enlarge
(White color is on back-order. Estimated ship date: April 1st '15.) Every musician's path starts with the joy of that first memorable note. The Schoenhut Tabletop Piano's steel precision ground rods produce just such a note. Its rich resonant chimes will charm any toddler and bring him back again and again. Now, isn't that a first piano should do?
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(White color is on back-order. Estimated ship date: April 1st '15.)

The Schoenhut twenty-five key piano is more than a toy. It's a fun-filled developmentally appropriate instrument that introduces the young child to his creativity while reinforcing eye/hand coordination. Unlike the shallow sound quality produced by the usual tightly strung wires, this introduction to piano-playing  relies on the strike of miniature hammers against precisely ground rods of German steel to produce rich chiming tones  Available in red or white, the piano is designed with a colorful strip that fits behind the keys to encourage finger stretching for proper chord positioning. The strip can be removed as the child develops self confidence and furthers her playing skills with the Schoenhut patented method of color coordinated instruction, including a sing-a-long book of popular tunes. This strip can also be used by adults learning to play keyboards since the width of the keys corresponds.

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