Schoenhut 8 Note Thumb Piano

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This miniature piano is the perfect gift for both young children and creative types of all ages! 
Item Code: Schoenhut-810

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Product Description:

This impressive instrument allows children of any age group to develop their unique musical abilities. Its child-friendly size and safe design give every little musician easy access to the world of melody, prompting them to explore harmony and produce charming, clear tunes that are enjoyable for the whole family. The Schoenhut 8 Note Thumb Piano also comes in a variety of colorful styles.

This piano is not just fun; it is also designed to be exceptionally durable and convenient. With its strong composite back and portable size, children have the option of transporting it around the home or taking it on family vacations. This ensures that they are not just entertaining themselves, but doing so in a manner that is creative and mentally enhancing.

With this handy little instrument, any child will be able to explore the beauties of music in a way that is fun for them and affordable for parents!

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