Xylem Design Easels

The Xylem Design Easels are made to draw attention to your creations and not the easel. Although these easels are beautiful, made of hand-finished wood or antique brass, your artwork will stand out on these durable displays. Set up a row at your next event for easy viewing and secure protection of your art.

Used as a working easel, the Xylen Design Easels are made to place your body in ergonomically correct posture. No longer will you look down and strain your spine. Instead you can adjust the easel for your comfort.

Xylem is a Latin word for "woody tissue", but do not let the term confuse you. These easels are sturdy and durable to offer years of support for your hobby or profession. Prices and styles range to fit the budget and needs of new and experienced artists.

Oversize shipping charges may apply on certain models.

Let Xylem Design Easels properly display your creations and protect your work.

Artist Easels & Painter's Easels

Whether you are a beginning artist or an experienced pro, the right artist easel makes all the difference. Good artist easels promote correct posture and good working habits, while poor artist easels can leave you uncomfortable and less apt to paint.

Xylem Design artist and painters' easels have been engineered to offer the design and comfort to help you achieve the most stable base on which to paint.

Take a close look, and you will see many exclusive features in the Xylem easels.

Display Easels & Decorative Easels

Whether you prefer the simple elegance of hand-finished wood or the timeless beauty of antique brass, Xylem's decorative and display easels will help your artwork or your business get noticed!
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