Display and Presentation Easels

Decorative Wooden Display Easels

As an artist, you understand the importance of presentation. Madison Art Shop has an extensive collection of beautiful display easels to ensure that your work looks flawless. Whether drying a freshly painted creation, transporting your best work to an exhibition or showcasing your work for all to see, you’ll find wooden display easel selections, decorative display easels, convertible easels, portfolios, pedestals and much more. For artists opening a gallery or holding an exhibit we have full-size Walker Display Systems. All of our products have unsurpassed quality and are offered with unparalleled discounts.

Most easels are able to hold double their weight.

Art is more than just creating a pretty picture; art is creating an experience through which people’s perspectives are altered momentarily (and sometimes forever). To create this atmosphere, it is important to showcase your work in the appropriate context. Display easels give you more control over your art work’s presentation. For instance, if you prefer to show your work in a more natural context, simply set the unframed canvas in a decorative easel. On the other hand, if you choose to frame finished work in ornate frames, opt for a more neutral wooden display easel. For an exhibition or gallery showing of your work, using a coordinating array of easels with varying heights and designs will beautifully enhance your artwork.

If you need assistance choosing the best display easels for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact our representatives at (800) 961-1570. As seasoned artists, we rely on experience to choose the best decorative display easels and portfolios. We understand your needs and will be happy to assist you.


Display Easels

Need some advice on easels? In order to protect and display a portfolio most artists use portfolio cases and display racks. A portfolio case gives the protection and portability to show art pieces without compromising the portfolio's safety. tabletop art easel by Studio Designs. Folds away for easy transportation and storage.

Whether it is a work in progress, or a finished painting you aren´t ready to have framed, a display easel is a great way to showcase your work. It´s an interesting solution, because in a sense you are showing the work in its environment. With art, context is often everything, and this delivers.

One of the nice things about art placed on a display easel is that the work can be easily moved. Unlike with a wall mounting, moving it simply amounts to folding it, picking it up, and moving it. It´s convenient, inexpensive and classy. In style too! Magazines and Home Decorators are showing more and more artwork displayed on an easel to decorate living area - from a living room, to a foyer near a spiral staircase. A professional Art Studio Easel used in this venue has a striking look!
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