Wooden Geometric Solids & Pattern Blocks, Color Cubes & Tiles

Math manipulatives are designed to provide learners with the opportunity to experience manipulation of a math concept. Wooden Geometric Solids & Pattern Blocks, Color Cubes & Tiles offer a hands-on experience approach to learning math.  Math manipulatives are essential components to any math classroom and are often used to demonstrate a concrete representation of an abstract concept.

These Wooden Geometric Solids & Pattern Blocks, Color Cubes & Tiles provide math learners with the conceptual basics they need to understand and develop their skills in math.  Many of these manipulatives are also terrific for use in Language Arts and Fine Arts classes.

Wooden geometric solids are constructed so that learners can see size and attribute relationships between the pieces.  Playing with these manipulatives helps learners to build a better spatial understanding of shapes which is vital to understanding geometry concepts.  They are also ideal for learning about patterns and fractions.  Many adults use these pieces to create mosaic work. Pattern block art allows the artist to change simple shapes into more complex objects and scenes.

Color cubes are uniform in size and differ only in color. These manipulatives are terrific for pattern building and deconstructing, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, graphing, estimation, and calculating perimeter, area and volume. Tiles are also uniform in size and are used much like color cubes.

I am also a math teacher and use them in my classes!

Choose from a wide selction of products that will help learners identify attributes such as color, shape,  and size, as well as concepts like patterning, addition and subtraction.

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